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Scheduling and Execution Alignment

Increase production and supply chain resiliency by rapidly managing disruptions with real-time visibility and collaboration.

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White Paper

Seeing Into the Future with Prescriptive Analytics

Discover how to predict equipment breakdowns and perform prescriptive maintenance using a new approach to asset performance management. In this white paper, learn how nine early adopters of prescriptive analytics have reduced unplanned downtime and improved asset reliability. Download the paper to read real stories about the bottom-line results that have been achieved—in as little as 2 ½ weeks.

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Optimize CAPEX, Reduce Risk and Maximize Performance Across the Plant & Enterprise Lifecycle

Capital project owners need to optimize their CAPEX spending throughout the lifecycle of their projects, from design to operations.

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Multivariate Analytics: The Secret to Better Batch Processes

Are you struggling to effectively organize and analyze your data to troubleshoot bad batches? Multivariate analytics will quickly deliver insights that can increase batch quality, yield and throughput. Manufacturers have already realized 10 percent increase in production and 50 percent reduction in quality variability through the use of such tools. Download this paper now to learn how to get truly meaningful insights from your batch process data for optimal plant performance.

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Making Profitable Digital Strides in Batch Processing: How to See ROI in Months When the Future is Unpredictable

Regardless of what our plans were in January 2020, nothing is the same in 2021 or the future. A digital strategy is no longer limited to a subset of impacted functions, but touches everyone’s goals organization-wide in some way, shape or form.

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従来の対処的メンテナンスだけでは、不測の事態に対応できません。手軽な機械学習による資産パフォーマンス管理(APM) により、今や製造工場のスタッフが、何十年にもわたって蓄積してきた設計や運用データから容易に価値を引き出し、資産(主に装置などのハードウェア)のパフォーマンスをより適切に管理して最適化することが可能になりました。本書では、常識を覆すような画期的なテクノロジーがどのように精密な故障パターン認識を使い、高精度に装置の故障を数ヶ月も前に予測し、処方的なメンテナンスをガイダンスするかを説明しています。また、5つのベストプラクティス(運用方法)をご紹介し、最先端の信頼性管理による、さらなる生産効率および利益率の改善手法について述べています。

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White Paper

Low-Touch Machine Learning is Fulfilling the Promise of Asset Performance Management

Traditional preventive maintenance alone cannot solve the problems of unexpected breakdowns. With asset performance management powered by low-touch machine learning, it’s now possible to extract value from decades of process, asset and maintenance data to optimize asset performance. This white paper describes five best practices for driving state-of-the-art reliability management to predict breakdowns months in advance—increasing production and profitability.

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