Aspen OpsLink™

A client-server application that allows operating companies to make rapid and informed decisions during well operations, minimizing risks and costs and maximizing productivity. Fast and flexible access to real-time WITSML-based operational data provides key information required by asset teams.

Real-time Data Enables Informed Decisions During Well Operations

Flexible Access to Real-time WITSML™ Servers

Efficiently and accurately transfer real-time drilling operations data from rig site acquisition systems to the desktop.

Download Flexibility

Acquire data from a WITSML file or server as a one-time import download or on a continuous update, subscription basis.

Detailed Status Information

Monitor status of current subscriptions, track history and record data transmission failures.

Integration with Other AspenTech Solutions

Leverage real-time workflows in Aspen Geolog™, Aspen Geolog Geosteer™ and Aspen SKUA™.

Aspen OpsLink delivers a graphical representation of databases for mapping real-time data objects from a WITSML source to a specific data repository.

Aspen OpsLink provides real-time data to facilitate decisions based on operational information from drilling, completions and interventions.

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