aspenONE® V14 Release

Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and operational excellence.

Harness the Innovations Needed to Address the Dual Challenge

With the release of aspenONE® V14, companies can continue accelerating their digitalization journey to improve sustainability while maximizing profitability through operational excellence.

  • Advance sustainability initiatives with 100+ sample models
  • Accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen, pyrolysis and bioprocesses
  • Facilitate carbon emissions management
  • Provide augmented intelligence guiding users to achieve and maintain optimal operation
  • Minimize lost production and quickly resolve failure alerts
  • Improve efficiency and usability to drive stronger decision support across the value chain

"AspenTech’s new release of V14 shows a commitment to innovation with new software to accelerate customers’ sustainability programs. With progress to further unify planning, scheduling, production accounting and maintenance functions, users can break down silos and extract more value from software. AspenTech is demonstrating industry leadership by adding unique AI capabilities with the application of cognitive analytics to address age-old issues with knowledge transfer and operator acceptance of systems like Advanced Process Control."

— Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Improve Performance and Drive Better Decisions

Leverage augmented intelligence to achieve and maintain optimal operations with value-ranked recommendations using Aspen Virtual Advisor for DMC3™.

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Reduce Material Losses and Increase Margins

Empower key stakeholders to make better decisions based on validated and reconciled production data, and automate CO2 emissions data collection using Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting™.

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Improve Maintenance Efficiency

Prioritize anomaly and failure alerts to accelerate alert resolution and build and deploy agents faster with asset templates in Aspen Mtell®.

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Maximize Supply Chain Resiliency

Increase production volume, maximize skilled labor utilization and optimize downtime scheduling options with Aspen Plant Scheduler™.

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A Faster, Easier, Smarter APC Solution

Achieve and maintain optimal performance with the next generation of Adaptive Process Control technology. Aspen DMC3™ leverages deep learning and a virtual advisor with augmented intelligence that guides the user to deliver more accurate and sustainable APC models and higher margins.

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Advance Sustainability Initiatives

Reduce Energy and Emissions While Maximizing Margins

Unite and dynamically visualize data from across an organization to provide the context needed for fast, confident decision-making to improve energy and CO2 performance.

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Reduce Risks in Transitioning to Bio-Feed/Co-Feed Processes

Use accurate predictions of product yields, properties and other operational constraints to eliminate risks while designing new bio-feed or co-feed processing facilities.

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Accelerate Process Development Driving Sustainability

Improve time to market and scaling of hydrogen technology, process development for bioprocesses including fermentation and the future of plastics circularity.

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Make Progress Towards Net-Zero Goals

Reduce carbon footprint and associated fees with easy calculation and evaluation of scope 1 and 2 emissions to help make decisions to improve new and existing processes.

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Accelerate Your Sustainability Future

  • Innovate with over 100 easy-to-use, pre-calibrated sustainability manufacturing sample models
  • Adapt to your own initiatives and reduce carbon footprint, with supporting documentation to help you get started
  • Explore topics like bio-based feedstocks, carbon capture and carbon storage, emissions control, hydrogen economy, materials circularity and renewable energy

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Award Winning Technology

Top Supply Chain Projects 2022 Award

Top Supply Chain Projects Award 2022 – Repsol

AspenTech Repsol Project Recognized with 2022 Top Supply Chain Award

AspenTech Recognized as APM Market Leader by Independent Analyst Firm

Strengths in Asset Health Monitoring and Failure Prediction, Performance Optimization and Asset Lifecycle Management Recognized


2021 Green Supply Chain Award

AspenTech Awarded Green Supply Chain Award Two Years in a Row

Aspen GDOT™ Awarded Digital Technology of the Year

AspenTech Product Wins Award at the 2022 LARTC Awards of Excellence