Introducing Aspen Unified™ V12 Release for Refining

The next generation of our production optimization solution including planning, scheduling and dynamic optimization.

A Collaborative and Intuitive Environment to Increase Margins up to 10%

Close the Gap Between Plan and Actual

Unify planning, scheduling and operations to deliver better business results.

Boost Production Agility and Responsiveness

Run the plant to its limits with a more accurate view of current process conditions and constraints.

Simplified, Web-Based User Experience

Build and maintain models easily, using common data between planning, scheduling and dynamic optimization.

Automate Routine Work Tasks

Leverage automation for routine work, saving hundreds of staff hours per year.

Introducing Aspen Unified

AspenTech is the only company that can unite planning and scheduling to achieve more optimal operations, increase margins and save time by automating routine tasks. Aspen Unified streamlines and simplifies your work more than ever, enabling better business results.

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Aspen Unified PIMS

Aspen Unified PIMS

Enable better business decisions with the proprietary AspenTech solver, blazing cloud-enabled speed and easy model management.

Aspen Unified Scheduling

Aspen Unified Scheduling

Completely redesigned interface with many automation features to save you up to five hours per day.

Aspen Unified Multisite for PIMS

Aspen Unified Multisite for PIMS

Optimize your petroleum value chain across all assets in a region to improve gross margin.

Aspen GDOT

Aspen GDOT

Dynamic multi-unit optimization with an intuitive flowsheet environment for simplified model-building, deployment and maintenance.

The Journey to the Self Optimizing Plant

The digitalization of industrial facilities is becoming critical at the highest levels of an organization – and represents the path to new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. The Self-optimizing Plant will usher in a new era of autonomy, allowing companies to achieve sustainable operational excellence, even in challenging market conditions.

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