Customer Testimonials

AspenTech’s global customer base spans the world’s leading process industry companies. Well over 100,000 process engineers, plant operators, planners and schedulers use aspenONE software every day to optimize engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Khadija AlHinaai, ORPIC, Oman

ORPIC used the hydraulic analysis capability in Aspen HYSYS along with its integration with the heat exchanger design & rating software, Aspen EDR to address operational issues with their CDU.

Asli Reyhan, Tupras

Tupras uses the EDR integration with Aspen HYSYS for a seamless workflow.

Lawrence Lambon, Xodus Group

Xodus Group uses the full suite of AspenTech products to foster collaboration that leads to better decisions across disciplines and industries.

Ashish Shah, Fluor

Fluor delivers higher class estimates using ACCE and is able to collaborate globally with Aspen Basic Engineering.

Richard Wawrzon, Qenos

Qenos can get new engineers working more quickly and efficiently with Aspen DMC3 and other Advanced Process Control tools.

What Customers are Saying
“Our margins are forever getting smaller so we just have to keep getting smarter and smarter. So the DMC technology in our case, as is the case with most sites, is a real enabler for us to do that.”
— Richard Wawrzon, Qenos

Sreenivasan Venkatesh, Petrofac

Petrofac maintains their competitive edge by using AspenTech software to reduce project risk and stay within budget.

Jesus Gil, Inprocess Technology

Inprocess Technology utilizes critical AspenTech tools like Aspen Dynamics and Aspen Flare Analyzer to simplify complex analysis.

Eric Parvin, Halker Consulting

See how Aspen HYSYS supports Halker Consulting across many disciplines, while helping to streamline engineering time and reduce project risk.

What Customers are Saying
“The whole Aspen platform is integrated which provides an advantage to the owners and to the E&Cs as they seek to collaborate. These mega projects often times are executed in locations around the world and the ability to communicate electronically is critical to their success.”
— Mike Monteith, SES

Denis Westphalen, Nexen Energy

Nexen Energy uses Aspen HYSYS and EDR to reduce OPEX and get the most from operations.

Christophe Delaere, Welders NV

Welders NV is able to bid on projects more easily using extensive data available within EDR to fill gaps in customer projects.

Celestino Hissao Yamana, Oxiteno

Oxiteno keeps their plants running well using the aspenONE suite of products to improve process design and operations.

What Customers are Saying
“Aspen is listening. When we talk about different things that we need the tool (ACCE) to do, Aspen listens and takes it into account and makes the changes that help us every day in our work environment.”
— Waymon Lofton, Technip