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It’s Time for Concurrent Engineering in the Process Industries

Find out how leading EPCs are utilizing this new way of working to win more projects and execute their project work more effectively.

Global Economy Industries

Industries that run capital equipment almost 24x7 must be wary of downtime. Powered by machine learning and statistical analysis, Aspen APM solutions flag early warnings of unexpected failure. By minimizing preventive and corrective maintenance, there’s an unlimited potential for increased profits.

Whats New in V10

Extending Optimization's Reach Across Design, Operations and Maintenance

ACOWUG Meeting 2018 (NORAM)

Join your colleagues for the FREE ACOWUG 2018 Bi-annual Meeting, held 1st June in Houston, Texas.

White Paper

Seeing Into the Future With Prescriptive Analytics

In this white paper, learn how nine early adopters of prescriptive analytics have reduced unplanned downtime and improved asset reliability. Using a new approach to asset performance management, organizations in oil & gas, chemicals, mining, transportation, and other capital-intensive industries can identify the precise failure signatures that predict equipment breakdowns, and perform prescriptive maintenance. Download this paper to read real stories about the bottom-line results that have been achieved in as little as 2 ½ weeks.


Prescriptive Insight in 2 ½ Weeks

View this infographic to see how prescriptive maintenance early adopters are reducing downtime and improving reliability – with results in as little as 2 ½ weeks.

Live Webinar

Lubrizol’s Successes and Challenges in Batch Process Improvement

The batch processing industries have numerous opportunities to improve process development and batch operations. In this live webinar, Dr. Michael Call, process modeling consultant for Lubrizol, will discuss the successes and challenges experienced when applying process simulation to improve specialty chemical batch processes. Examples will be discussed, with emphasis on the value added through process modeling, how modern process modeling tools facilitated model development and how similar successes can be achieved within your organization. This event will be co-hosted by Chemical Engineering.

Analyst Report

ARC View: Automated Machine Learning Solution Enables Organizations to Move Up the Asset Management Maturity Model

The evolution of IIoT and advanced analytics technologies is transforming how industrial companies of all sizes manage their critical assets. In this report, ARC Advisory Group describes how AspenTech Asset Performance Management delivers prescriptive maintenance solutions to process and other capital-intensive industries.

Live Events

ACOWUG Meeting 2018 (EURA)

Join your colleagues for the FREE ACOWUG 2018 Bi-annual Meeting, held 15th May in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

On Demand Webinar

Simplify Batch Process Improvement Using Aspen Plus®

When developing chemical batch processes, we often find ourselves running costly and time-consuming experiments. But what if we could predict process outcomes first, and only experiment when needed? Learn how industry leaders are simplifying batch process development to reduce experimentation, reduce batch cycle times and develop new processes faster. Discover solutions for reliable execution and easy accessibility in chemical R&D!

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