The Paradigm of Industrial AI: Use Cases Are Delivering Business Value

In our latest AI series blog, we look at how Industrial AI is shaping digitalization strategies and explore use cases that are propelling AI adoption in the industrial sector.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English)-Digitally Transform Your Specialty/Fine Chemicals Process Development

Leveraging process modeling tools is vital for accelerating the journey to market for new products or for optimizing the margins of existing processes. Often, a single tool does not have the capabilities to model entire specialty and fine chemicals processes due to their complexities (batch or mixed batch/continuous, integrated fluid and solid sections, complex reactive systems). As a result, specialty and fine chemicals companies often rely almost exclusively on expensive experimentation and plant trials when innovating their products and processes.

Press Release

Aspen Technology Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2020

Aspen Technology Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2020


To Stay Ahead of Equipment Problems, You Need Anomaly and Failure Detection

The first in a series of posts on key factors to consider in selecting asset performance management solutions.

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Navigating A Volatile Chemicals Market Through Digitalization

With market conditions volatile and uncertain, it’s challenging to manage your business and still plan for future opportunities. Prices bounce. Trade patterns shift. Product slates evolve. Digitalization enables adaptability through this uncertain time and is in fact becoming a strategic imperative to achieving—and sustaining—new levels of profitability.


Keeping Supply Chains Running in Rapidly Changing Conditions

Find out how digital solutions are helping companies keep their workers connected, respond to changes in supply and demand, and incorporate social distancing practices into their plans.


On the Road to Digital

This article, featured in The Chemical Engineer, discusses why operators often struggle to know where to begin to digitally transform. AspenTech's Paige Morse outlines how many operations, particularly in specialties, have become increasingly complex as customers demand higher levels of performance and quality and a greater range of options from producers. Operators realize they need to diversify product lines to meet these increasingly sophisticated needs. Download this article to learn more.



V11でリリースした新たなサプライチェーン マネジメント機能は、アスペンテックにおけるムーンショットと言えます。これは、新たなバリューチェーン創造の扉を開くビジョンです。


A Tribute to Our Colleague and Friend Charlie Cutler

We remember Dr. Charles (Charlie) R. Cutler, a pioneer of advanced process control (APC) and a former Aspen Technology senior consultant, who passed away in March.

Case Study

Shell Accelerates Planning, Improves Margins with Aspen PIMS-AO in the Cloud

Shell’s Manufacturing Margin Optimization team uses AspenTech solutions to optimize its energy and petrochemicals business, including planning and scheduling applications. In a highly collaborative global project with AspenTech, Shell successfully deployed Aspen PIMS-AO in the Cloud resulting in margin uplift, improved work-life balance and reduced IT costs. Read this case study to learn how you can improve margins with Aspen PIMS-AO in the Cloud.

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