Aspen DMC3

Achieve production operational excellence and sustainability goals through industry leading Aspen DMC3 technology with Embedded AI

Aspen Mtell

AspenTech's Aspen Mtell maintenance software stops machines from failing, increases performance, reduces maintenance costs, and increases production.

Aspen ProMV

AspenTech ProMV provides multivariate analysis to interpret what’s driving the variability among the thousands of variables in your processes manufacturing.

Aspen Utilities

Aspen Utilities helps manage and optimize energy use and sourcing to ensure all operations receive reliable supplies while minimizing cost and emissions.

Aspen OnLine

Aspen OnLine maximizes operating profitability with real-time operational guidance using live data matched with process simulation.


AspenTech enables you to increase safety, throughput and ROI by optimizing the entire site in one environment with simulation accuracy and workflows.


Digital Agility Realized with APC

In today’s ever-evolving global economy, energy and chemical companies need to operate with newfound agility to meet market demand and maximize margins. Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Control now embeds powerful AI machine learning algorithms to build seed models by simply mining historical data. In addition, operators and engineers are now able to find answers 24x7 to common questions and get actionable guidance from Aspen Virtual Advisor's augmented intelligence. View this video and learn how you can coordinate multiple APCs in closed-loop and optimize broad envelopes in real-time to align planning, scheduling and operation, significantly reducing margin leakage and energy costs.


Maximize Supply Chain Resiliency with Optimal Downtime Scheduling

Achieve resilient operations by evaluating optimized downtime scheduling options to minimize impact on production and order commitments. Watch this video to learn how to leverage prescriptive maintenance and advanced scheduling optimization to make ideal downtime decisions.

Interactive Infographic

Sustainability Starter Kit

Advance your efficiency, decarbonization and circular economy initiatives with AspenTech’s Sustainability Starter Kit, which includes over 100 easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt sample models, and supporting documentation to help get you started. Check out our infographic today and choose from over 100 sample models, customized for your industry and area of interest.

Interactive Infographic

Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting™ Infographic

Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting (AURA) is the next generation production accounting solution that addresses key market needs: fast and efficient mass and volume balance, advanced analysis, reporting and visualization to enhance collaboration among key stakeholders and enable agile decision making. Use this interactive infographic to discover how AURA effectively manages the business process of measuring, validating, reconciling and publishing all the flows and inventories into, within and out of a plant.

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