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Webinar: La visión de un profesional sobre el mantenimiento prescriptivo

Aprenda como puede usar el mantenimiento prescriptivo (RxM) para dar un valor real a su organización. En este webinar el experto de AspenTech va a demostrar como los conocimientos basados en datos de AI y de Machine Learning mitigan los problemas de mantenimiento y mejoran la productividad. REGÍSTRESE AHORA

Live Webinar

Webinar: Uma visão profissional e prática sobre Manutenção Prescritiva

Vocês já ouviram falar de manutenção prescritiva, mas como utilizá-la para trazer benefícios reais para a sua organização? Neste Webinar, a especialista da AspenTech Fúlvia Borges vai demonstrar como informações para tomadas de decisão embasadas em dados e usando Inteligência Artificial e Machine Learning podem mitigar problemas de manutenção e melhorar produtividade. Registre-se hoje para ter uma visão prática dos processos e fluxos de trabalho envolvidos na implementação de soluções efetivas de Manutenção Prescritiva


ARC Forum 2020: Predictive Analytics for a Better World

At the 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida, we showcased the benefits that predictive analytics powered by AI can deliver.

On Demand Webinar

Webinar with Burns & McDonnell: Plant Digital Twin Best Practices to Increase Profitability for Refineries

Operations in the process industries are challenging due to the inherent complexities and lack of insights. Plant digital twin technology helps solve these challenges. Learn how Burns & McDonnell developed and deployed a plant digital twin of a refinery’s FCC unit using rigorous process simulation to:


The Power of Analyzing Big Data

Dr. John MacGregor, the founder and chairman of ProSensus, reflects on 50-plus years of data analysis and highlights the Aspen ProMV capabilities that can help companies improve performance.


Digital Transformation in Action

CMO Lawrence Schwartz shares some of his key takeaways from this week's ARC Forum.

Interactive Infographic

How Changing Economics and Technology will Impact the Energy Industry

Energy economics are changing. With uncertainty, even volatility surrounding future energy demand, pricing, a circular plastics economy and other market forces, companies need to be prepared to remain profitable. Where does digitalization and AI technology fit into the equation? What are industry leaders doing today to gain a competitive edge? View this on-demand webinar where Hydrocarbon Processing Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher Lee Nichols addresses these hot-button topics in a panel discussion with industry experts Carole Nakhle, CEO, Crystol Energy and Ron Beck, Energy Industry Director, AspenTech.

Case Study

Korea's SK E&C Reduces Engineering Estimating Man-Hours by 50% With Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™

Learn how SK Engineering & Construction improved the speed and accuracy of their capital project cost estimates with Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE).

Case Study

Refinery Gets Asset Failure Predictions with Nearly a Month of Lead Time

Because traditional diagnostic methods weren’t preventing equipment failures or identifying root causes of historic failures, a U.S. refinery turned to Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance to improve internal data science resources. Download this case study to learn how this refinery's pilot program with Aspen Mtell was able to predict failures with nearly one month of lead time, enabling planning for maintenance and rescheduling production.

Case Study

Global Energy Company Improves Safety and Asset Integrity with Machine Learning

In this case study learn how a global oil and gas company was able to detect and predict a variety of pending equipment failures. Download today to uncover how Aspen Mtell enabled the company to correctly identify all reported events – as well as unknown problems.

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