Aspen Connect

Aspen Connect enables organizations to transfer historical data and stream live data with the ability to read and write to a variety of data sources.


New Research: Digital Strategies Pharma is Prioritizing to Increase Operational Agility

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization is already improving the efficiency, accessibility and visibility of drug and vaccine manufacturing.


Seizing New Opportunities: Pharma’s Roadmap for Smarter Manufacturing

This report covers results from a survey of 400 pharma industry professionals across the US and Europe on the future of digital transformation and manufacturing. The quantitative survey was complemented by in-depth interviews with industry thought leaders at GSK, Roche, Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany, and Kashiv BioSciences.

Aspen Plant Scheduler with Aspen Mtell® Integration

Combine machine learning and advanced sequence optimization algorithims to build the plant of the future.

aspenONE Supply Chain Management

Connect self-optimizing plants to the value chain at every level; from execution and tactical planning, all the way up to strategic business planning.

Aspen Virtual Advisor AVA for DMC3

Use augmented intelligence to enable operators and engineers to make the best control decisions, generating additional value.

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Ushering the oil and gas sector to sustainable operations

Mike Brooks, Global Director for Asset Performance Management (APM) at AspenTech, elaborates on the role of APM 4.0 in industries that deal with a massive amount of data.

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AI is driving engineering transformations

Sonali Singh and Sandeep Mohan discuss the role being played by artificial intelligence (AI) driven digitalisation when it comes to transforming the engineering sector.

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Aspen Technology delivers training for sustainability technology pathways

Aspen Technology delivers training for sustainability technology pathways

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