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AspenTech's Aspen GDOT solution allows you to improve margins and make plants more capable using advanced closed-loop dynamic optimization in real-time.

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A Proven History of Innovation in Advanced Process Control and Beyond

Energy and chemical companies face increasingly volatile and uncertain operating environments, shifts in workforce demographics and the dual challenge of maximizing business performance while meeting sustainability goals. Innovations in technology successfully address these challenges through adaptive capabilities and industrial AI.

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Permaneça Ágil e Maximize Sua Produção em Celulose e Papel com APM

Aumento da confiabilidade, segurança e sustentabilidade são as outras iniciativas chave que as companhias de celulose e papel buscam para garantir que são capazes de operar ao máximo potencial. Neste Q&A com o especialista em celulose e papel AspenTech® Joni Lipkowitz, aprenda como o gerenciamento do desempenho de ativos (APM) pode mitigar as falhas antes que aconteçam, minimizar o tempo de inatividade não planejado, e garantir as metas de produção.

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Using Digital Twins to Build More Accurate Inferentials for Improved Process Control

Advanced process control (APC) applications require accurate inputs for stream qualities, including product compositions and distillation curve points. While online analyzers are effective in supporting model predictive controllers, they are expensive and often unavailable for important process streams. There is a more cost-effective approach for building virtual analyzers or inferentials to accurately estimate stream qualities and it starts with digital twins


A Conversation with Jeannette McGill, VP and GM, Metals & Mining

Earlier this year, Jeannette McGill joined AspenTech to lead our Metals and Mining team. She recently sat down with our blog editor to share some initial thoughts on digitalization, profitability, and metals and mining.


Sustainability, Decarbonization and Industry Initiatives: Survey Findings and Analysis

This report, which was co-written with Robert Socolow, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, addresses the findings of a recent survey conducted to better understand the strategies and actions taken by industry leaders as they plan for a sustainable future.


Developing an Integrated Sustainability Business Plan

To remain competitive, companies must develop new levels of operational excellence, gaining agility, flexibility and insight via digitalization.


Helping Customers Innovate to Meet Sustainability Goals and Drive Operational Excellence

aspenONE V12.2 includes new sustainability sample models and usability enhancements to meet sustainability goals, improve overall productivity and reduce time-to-value.

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AspenTech Accelerates Customers’ Digitalization Journey to Advance Sustainability Goals and Drive Operational Excellence

AspenTech Accelerates Customers Digitalization Journey to Advance Sustainability Goals

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Keep Up With Growing Demand with Aspen Production Execution Manager™

Accelerate time-to-market by executing work orders faster, accurately and consistently with Aspen Production Execution Manager™

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