White Paper

Optimize Asset Design and Operations with Performance Engineering

AspenTech’s Performance Engineering Solutions can help improve engineering productivity and collaboration. Download this white paper to learn how you can leverage concurrent process engineering and lifecycle project economics to be more agile in bidding, project execution and handover of digital project data to your customer.

On Demand Webinar

Leverage History to Reduce Batch Cycle Time by 30% with Aspen ProMV

How can you use historical data to improve batch quality, increase yield and reduce costs? Join Dr. John MacGregor, a foremost thought leader on multivariate analysis and founder of ProSensus, as he shares how Aspen ProMV helps you solve the most complex manufacturing problems. Discover key capabilities to help you:

Case Study

HGA Boosts Ability to Efficiently Complete Relief Sizing with aspenONE Engineering

The PSV sizing capabilities in Aspen HYSYS have helped HGA achieve approximately 50% time savings on the entire overpressure protection workflow.

Interactive Infographic

How Changing Economics and Technology will Impact the Energy Industry

Energy economics are changing. With uncertainty, even volatility surrounding future energy demand, pricing, a circular plastics economy and other market forces, companies need to be prepared to remain profitable. Where does digitalization and AI technology fit into the equation? What are industry leaders doing today to gain a competitive edge? View this on-demand webinar where Hydrocarbon Processing Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher Lee Nichols addresses these hot-button topics in a panel discussion with industry experts Carole Nakhle, CEO, Crystol Energy and Ron Beck, Energy Industry Director, AspenTech.


The Power of Diverse Ideas: A Report From Saudi Arabia

The 2020 International Petroleum Technology Conference in Dhahran, KSA featured some of the pioneering women of the petroleum industry.


What Is AI? The 10,000-Foot View

In the first installment of our blog series on artificial intelligence (AI), we present a common understanding and definition of the technology, as well as a way to analyze the business value for every AI initiative.

Executive Brief

스마트 엔터프라이즈를 위한 차세대 운영 기술

전세계적으로 시장 상황의 변동성과 불확실성, 복잡성과 모호함이 가중되고 있는 VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) 환경에서 기업들은 경쟁 우위를 확보하기 위해 Industry 4.0과 AI 등 새로운 기술들을 도입하고 있습니다. 이 백서에서 선도적인 기업들이 어떻게 디지털 엔터프라이즈를 뛰어 넘어, 진정한 의미의 미래형 스마트 엔터프라이즈로 거듭나고, 지속 가능한 운영 효율성을 달성할 수 있는지 확인해 보십시오.

Executive Brief

Next-Generation Operational Technologies Enable the Smart Enterprise in a Changing World

As organizations around the world search for ways to thrive amid volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market conditions, many are turning to Industry 4.0 technologies and new AI capabilities to gain a competitive edge. Download this paper to learn how tomorrow’s leaders will create not just the digital enterprise — but the truly smart enterprise of the future — and achieve operational excellence that is sustainable regardless of market conditions.

Case Study

Dos fallas inminentes se detuvieron a las dos semanas del monitoreo

Lea cómo esta compañía minera utilizó Aspen Mtell para predecir dos posibles fallas cuando se implementó en 12 activos durante un breve piloto en línea. Permitiendo así, un tiempo de inactividad planificado de equipos críticos, ahorrando dinero por cortes inesperados.

Case Study

Ahorre costos con mantenimiento predictivo durante la transformación digital

Lea cómo Aspen Mtell predijo una falla en el compresor con 35 días de anticipación, permitiendo que la empresa de energía evitara una parada de emergencia y cumpliera con las metas de producción. Minimizó las pérdidas de producción planificando la parada de la planta: ahorro potencial de 30 millones de dólares

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