Aspen Basic Engineering
Streamline basic engineering and deliver significant improvements in productivity, agility and time-to-delivery using one central location for FEED data.
Sharing basic engineering data across the globe

Aspen Basic Engineering allows:  

  • Sharing of information among global project teams to promote collaboration and confidently generate process and basic engineering packages
  • Data reuse across design projects to shorten the time to FEED completion
  • One integrated data location driving down the time needed for access, use and data sharing.
Aspen Basic Engineering
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How DuPont Improves Efficiency and Quality with Integrated Basic Engineering

How do you consider capital and operating expenses while developing process designs? With Activated Economics, process engineers can quickly and accurately identify the economic impact of design decis...

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Improving Project Productivity on a Global Scale

Improving Project Productivity on a Global Scale

This Chemical Industry Digest article describes how to lower costs through improved productivity during Basic Engineering and FEED.

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