Aspen Unified Scheduling™

Automate and integrate to close the gap between plan and schedule.

Leverage AI and Mathematical Optimization to Accelerate and Improve Business Results

Increase Margins by Aligning Schedule with Optimal Plan

Automatically create a feasible schedule using the optimal published plan results, improving margins and reducing emissions by closing the gap between plan and schedule.

Automate Schedule Creation with AI

Make schedule creation easier with AI by capturing schedulers' valuable knowledge, saving potentially hours per day.

Easily Develop and Implement Models

Use your Aspen PIMS™ planning model as a first step for the scheduling model, then synchronize data and models between planning and scheduling with model catalogs.

Run Operations More Smoothly

Predict and communicate unit rates and yields, stream compositions and inventory levels to run your refinery more stably and reliably.

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Achieve Sustainable, Profitable Results with Unified Production Optimization

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Brochure: Aspen Unified

Aspen Unified™

Aspen Unified is the next-generation planning and scheduling solution that enables companies to increase margins and save time by coordinating siloed business processes for better efficiency across th...

Track and Reduce Carbon with Unified Planning, Scheduling and Execution

Track and Reduce Carbon with Unified Planning, Scheduling and Execution

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St1 Refinery Deploys Aspen Technology Solutions to Support Digital Transformation and Carbon Neutrality Goals

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JG Summit Olefins Corporation Selects Aspen Technology to Advance Operational Excellence

Largest publicly held petrochemicals company in the philippines unlocks untapped value in production optimization with AspenTech solutions.

Press Release
Video: Introducing Aspen Unified - Next Generation Planning & Scheduling

Aspen Unified™, The Next Generation of Planning and Scheduling

View this video to learn how Aspen Unified brings planning and scheduling together in one environment to improve decision making for increased margins. Discover how you can automate routine tasks, suc...


Automating Routine Work in Aspen Unified Improves Work Life Balance

Save more time than ever before with Aspen Unified, the first truly multi-user, unified production optimization environment, including planning and scheduling.


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Aspen Unified PIMS™

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