Implementing Aspen Unified Planning and Scheduling Featuring Shell

Shell recently completed a pilot evaluation of Aspen Unified Planning™ (AUP) and Aspen Unified Scheduling™ (AUS) at the Pernis and Moerdijk manufacturing complexes. The objective of the project was to simplify and streamline the deployment of newer software versions to enhance the efficiency and usability of its planning and scheduling tools.

Integration between planning and scheduling was also a key focus. Shell recognized that having centralized, web-based applications offered several advantages:

  • Version Management: Centralization simplifies the rollout of new software and patches, making it easier to address software bugs promptly
  • Resource Efficiency: Individual users no longer require high-performance computers, as the heavy lifting is done on the central server
  • Script Elimination: Web-based applications eliminate the need for scripting software
  • Consistency: All users operate on the same version of the model, ensuring consistency between planning and scheduling

Following this successful evaluation, Shell has made the decision to transition their planning and scheduling models into production. AUP is already live, and AUS is scheduled to go live in the coming months. View this on-demand webinar where Sergio Vazquez, Margin Optimization Advisor at Shell, shares their experiences implementing AUP and AUS, including plans for rolling out the products to other manufacturing sites. Additionally, you will hear about the benefits and trade-offs of transitioning from PC-based tools to web-based applications.

Learn how this initiative represents a significant step toward optimizing planning and scheduling processes, improving efficiency and achieving greater consistency across Shell’s organization.

Implementing Aspen Unified Planning and Scheduling Featuring Shell

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Implementing Aspen Unified Planning and Scheduling Featuring Shell

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