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Make unplanned downtime a thing of the past with asset performance management powered by Aspen Mtell. Model historical and real-time asset, process and maintenance data to predict future asset behavior and perform prescriptive maintenance.

Autonomously detect patterns in data with Aspen Mtell Prescriptive Maintenance

Aspen Mtell delivers the earliest, most accurate warning of asset failures and unplanned downtime using failure agents that autonomously detect patterns in data.

Aspen Mtell Prescriptive Analytics for Digital Transformation

Today, there’s a growing realization that maintenance alone cannot solve the problems of unexpected asset breakdowns. Market-leading companies have gone as far as they can with traditional preventative maintenance techniques, and are implementing machine learning and prescriptive analytics as part of their digital transformation initiatives. Predictive and prescriptive maintenance represent the next frontier.

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Low-Touch Machine Learning is Fulfilling the Promise of Asset Performance Management

Low-Touch Machine Learning is Fulfilling the Promise of Asset Performance Management

Traditional preventive maintenance alone cannot solve the problems of unexpected breakdowns. With asset performance management powered by low-touch machine learning, it’s now possible to extract value...

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machine learning for prescriptive maintenance

Machine Learning Is Driving a Better Approach to Asset Performance Management

Why Reactive Maintenance Just Won't Cut it Anymore

It’s time to embrace low-touch machine learning, a disruptive technology that uses real asset data to provide months of advanced notice on failures.

Don’t Rely on the “Check Engine” Light

Prescriptive Analytics Provide Earlier, More Accurate Warnings

Don’t Rely on the “Check Engine” Light

Ready to move beyond outdated traditional maintenance practices? Harness the power of prescriptive analytics for the earliest warnings of failure.

Aspen Mtell: What is an Agent?

Aspen Mtell: What is an Agent?

Aspen Mtell is a prescriptive maintenance solution that uses agents to recognize asset failures earlier and with greater accuracy. Learn what an agent is, what they do, how they are created, and how t...


Capital-Intensive Industries and Asset Performance Management

Executive Brief: The Time is Right for Optimum Reliability

Imagine a plant that is no longer at risk of a random shutdown. Imagine not worrying about losing a year’s worth of hard-fought optimization value in just two to three days due to a maintenance emerge...

Executive Brief
APM: Succeeding Where Others Are Failing

APM: Succeeding Where Others Are Failing

Find out how AspenTech asset performance management (APM) solutions are generating game-changing results for customers in as little as two weeks.

Progressive Railroading

Progressive Railroading - The Next Wave of Technological Wonders

“Automation also can help identify issues before something critical fails. Finding problems as early as possible helps improve asset management,” says CSX Executive Vice President and Chief Operating ...