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再次网络研讨会中,艾斯本专家们讨论了Aspen PIMS-AO,Aspen Petroleum Scheduler,Aspen炼油厂多混合优化器和新的Aspen GDOT的新增强功能。

On Demand Webinar

Optimize Operational Efficiency Through Digitalization Data Management

High quality standards and production goals are driving the need for reliable and readily available data in the Food & Beverage industry. But with so much data being recorded from various sources within your enterprise, is your data being used to its full potential? Without the proper digital tools in place, plants may invest in large CAPEX projects prematurely, or lose valuable time reviewing data rather than reacting to it.

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在网络研讨会时,我们概述了Aspen ProMV™软件套件,该套件正在申请专利的批量处理数据分析,以在确保过程安全性的同时,不断推动您的过程达到质量,产量和吞吐量的最佳性能。提交表格立即观看网络研讨会重播。

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How Digital Transformation at Engineering Firms Will Be a Big Win for Plant Owners

Please join Hydrocarbon Processing Editor-in-Chief Lee Nichols for a lively discussion with industry experts Heath Stevens, Engineering Leader, Hargrove; Gerald Delaney, Process Engineering Manager, Zachry Group; and Paul Donnelly, EPC Industry Director, AspenTech, on these timely, relevant topics:

On Demand Webinar

中国网络研讨: AspenTech如何与石化企业合作,实现智能工厂的数字化之旅

在瞬息万变的市场环境下,石化企业在管理业务和规划未来面临着巨大的挑战。 使用数字化会使企业保持敏捷性,是实现和保持盈利能力的战略要务。在网络研讨会时,我们的AspenTech专家,王峰,将讨论中国石化行业的前景以及数字化如何使石化企业保持领先地位。

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How Asset Performance Management Can Improve Margins for Mines

By monitoring asset condition and behavior and developing profiles of normal operations, anomalies and failures, predictive maintenance tools can notify staff of equipment problems prior to failure.





Cómo sobreponerse a momentos críticos y adaptarse con su estrategia de digitalización

Las herramientas digitales pueden equipar a las empresas para responder a cambios sin precedentes. Conozca cómo la digitalización puede aumentar la resiliencia.


Resilience and Your Digitalization Strategy

Digital tools can equip businesses to respond to unprecedented change. Learn how digitalization can boost resilience.




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