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AspenTech Announces Release of aspenONE® V7.3 Engineering Software

Optimization Innovations in Engineering for Exploration & Production, Refining and Chemicals Industries Improve Capital and Energy Efficiency, Streamline Environmental Compliance, Accelerate Time-to-Value

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Dehydration and Acid Gas Column Improvement with Aspen HYSYS

From expanding capacity to troubleshooting columns, Engineers can turn to Column Analysis, the Acid Gas Cleaning package, and the Dehydration modeling in the continually enhanced Aspen HYSYS for top-notch accuracy and smooth workflows. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour and test drive the functionality and workflows that enable optimization in the conceptual design and operations of hydrocarbon processes.

Minimize Disturbances and Costs in Acid Gas Removal Units with Aspen HYSYS®

Acid Gas Removal is a necessary step for removing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, but operations can be troublesome and costly. With impurities, process recycles, column internals and process configurations that introduce complexities in analysis, operational improvements can be difficult to identify and implement. In this introductory webinar learn how you can improve column operations with rate-based modeling, elevate analyses of systems with impurities and much more!


Extend Learning Throughout the Enterprise

AspenTech customers who register five or more employees for OPTIMIZE 2019 can get a discount on a one-year eLearning subscription, reinforcing and building on the knowledge gained at the conference.

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Webinar: Improve Product Quality with Solids Process Models

Accurately modelling the solids section of a process is critical to product quality. Commonly, the solid and fluid sections of a process are modelled separately, making troubleshooting and optimizing inefficient and time-consuming. Additionally, solids are described by distributed properties rather than concentrated properties, which adds an extra level of complexity. These difficulties often lead to neglected or over-simplified solids modelling.

Live Webinar

Webinar featuring Sulphur Experts: How Changes in Claus SRU Impact Tail Gas Treating

Sulfur Recovery Units are often just one part of a process engineer’s responsibility, so when trouble arises in the SRU, it is helpful to turn to the experts. In this webinar, Sulphur Experts’ Ben Walton will join us to talk about how changes in the Claus reactors can impact, or not impact, the downstream Tail Gas Treating Unit, and how the overall recovery can be maintained.


Closing the Gap between planning and APC

Learn how Unified Production Optimization can improve margins by vertically integrating planning, scheduling, and advanced process control in a closed loop.


aspenONE® Is Available in Multiple Languages

Make it easy for your users with localized versions of aspenONE software. View the infographic to learn which languages are available and see how you can cut the learning curve for all your users.

Live Webinar

APM Benchmarking Study Results: How Do You Stack Up?

How effective is your asset performance management strategy? In early returns from an ARC Advisory Group benchmarking survey, 52% of respondents report that assets fail randomly despite Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) efforts. More than 60% indicate they receive less than one week notice of impending machine breakdowns. Join ARC Advisory Group Analyst Peter Reynolds who will share the results of this important study. The webinar will also include case study examples of companies maximizing profitability with APM.

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