Connecting AI-ready, Industrial Data with AWS and Aspen Technology

Industrial organizations require historical and real-time data for AI and analytics on the cloud to keep the business running efficiently.

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AIoT at the Edge: Why the Intelligent Edge Will Be Important for Successful Industrial AI Deployments

Recent trends show the industrial sector evolving from pure IIoT, which focused mainly on connecting assets, to AIoT, where pervasive industrial intelligence is the key business driver. As a result, there is a compounding demand for edge technologies that work in concert with cloud workloads. Leveraging the edge to run AI models will provide uninterrupted, real-time actionable response while the cloud executes less critical tasks such as model training, retraining, sustainment and monitoring. This combined solution will optimize uptimes while minimizing the risk of unseen issues.

Case Study

Shell Accelerates Planning, Improves Margins with Aspen PIMS-AO™ in the AWS Cloud

Shell Oil Company is a global energy and petrochemicals company that produces natural gas, gasoline, oil, and many bulk and specialty chemical products for customers worldwide. Read this case study to learn how Shell’s Manufacturing Margin Optimization team uses AspenTech solutions and AWS Cloud to optimize its energy and petrochemicals business, including planning and scheduling applications.

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Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy

Sustainability remains top-of-mind for most executives as they work to balance environmental concerns with business performance. Digital solutions have emerged as a key enabler to help companies make progress toward their sustainability goals.


AspenTech Pride 2021

AspenTech celebrated Pride as a company for the first time this year. Our LGBTQ chapter lead reflects on the experience in this blog.


Digitalization is How Industry Gets Fit for 55

Ambitious new carbon-reduction proposals by the EU will compel major increases in efficiency and sustainability for asset and energy-intensive industries.


Developing an Integrated Sustainability Business Plan

To remain competitive, companies must develop new levels of operational excellence, gaining agility, flexibility and insight via digitalization.

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Hybrid Models in Energy: Leveraging Industrial AI to Overcome Operational Challenges

A breakthrough innovation, Aspen Hybrid Models™ help energy companies quickly develop comprehensive, accurate models to address the most complex operational challenges. With the release of aspenONE® V12.1, Aspen Hybrid Models leverage the power of AI without engineers requiring data science or machine learning expertise—truly democratizing the application of Industrial AI.

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