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Accelerating Decarbonisation in 2024: The Critical Role of DERMS

Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems play a crucial role in advancing the energy transition by managing EV battery charging, enhancing grid utilization and reducing power demand fluctuations. DERMS ensures that as electric vehicles increase, the grid can handle the load sustainably.

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Industry Leader Joins Aspen Technology as Strategic Advisor for Power and Utilities

Mark Browning, former CIO of Exelon, to Provide Strategic Guidance to Advance Aspen Technology’s Central Role in Enabling the Utility of the Future

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Break Down Asset Data Silos with a Single Source of Truth Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

During the Q&A portion of a AspenTech Inmation™ webinar with Verdantix, attendees had the opportunity to pose their questions to the panel of experts presenting. This document contains the answers to those industrial data questions.

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Webinar with Plant Engineering: Enhance Distillation Column Design and Operation to Meet Sustainability Goals

As critical net-zero targets remain top of mind for today’s chemical and energy companies, technologies like solvent-based carbon capture can be deployed to reduce carbon emissions and advance sustainability goals.

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Aspen Geolog™ Formation Evaluation for Unconventional Shale Plays

The ability to accurately characterize, model and predict the distribution of rock facies in the reservoir helps understand reservoir quality and behavior.

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How Iberdrola Uses DERMS to Assess Flexibility on a Renewables-Heavy Grid

The Iberdrola Group is driving Spain toward a future powered by 100% renewables. In 2007, Iberdrola made clean energy adoption the central pillar in its corporate strategy. Starting with large investments in wind energy, the company has since evolved to develop and deploy utility-scale solar, energy storage, smart grids and digital technologies.

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Process Technology Australia - Proactive decision-making for emissions management: the roadmap to net-zero

If companies are going to make good on their commitments to achieve net zero carbon emissions, looking at emissions once a year in an after-the fact report is simply not a viable option.

Case Study

Specialty Chemicals Producer Reduces Off-Spec Product With Aspen ProMV®

A leading global producer of catalyst solutions and specialty chemicals faced a significant challenge as a result of light impurities causing product quality issues in its downstream production units. By implementing Aspen ProMV, the company witnessed a rapid time to value, with analysis and modeling completed in a fraction of the time required by competing solutions.

Case Study

Brazilian Pulp Producer Improves Planning, Decision-Making with Industrial AI

Discover how Eldorado Brasil, a leading pulp producer, revolutionized their production processes with industrial AI. Seeking to optimize efficiency, reduce waste and minimize resource consumption, Eldorado used Aspen Hybrid Models, combining the power of AI with Aspen Plus® first principles modeling.

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Webinar with ADM: Improve PLS models with Process Efficiency

Are you struggling to extract meaningful insights from your industrial data using traditional PLS (Partial Least Squares) modeling techniques? It's a common challenge—despite scrutinizing scores, loadings and statistical parameters, achieving satisfactory model performance remains elusive.

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