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AspenTech Inmation™: an Industry-Leading OT Data Fabric and Edge Software

Watch Dr. Nina Schwalb, Vice President of AspenTech DataWorks, in her first-ever AspenTech webinar as she discusses industrial data management and AspenTech Inmation.

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar with Chemical Engineering: Accelerate Process and Product Development with Advanced Simulation

In the fast-paced world of specialty chemicals and polymers, rapid design and development are critical to stay ahead. Process simulation technology has evolved to streamline these processes, delivering accelerated product launches and efficient scale-ups.

White Paper

Quantum Chemistry Promises to Advance AspenTech Process Optimization

This paper explains how AspenTech and Microsoft are collaborating to design a quantum chemistry workflow.

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Webinar with Emerson: Smart Decision-Making in Complex Operations with Enterprise Reliability Solution

As today’s operations grow in complexity, they can experience equally complex problems that threaten performance—but how can you quickly identify and resolve issues while keeping an eye on profitability?

Press Release

Aspen Technology Educates Next Generation of Engineers on Sustainability Competencies

Unique Partnership with Oregon State University Prepares Students to Successfully Enter Workforce and Help Asset-Intensive Industries Innovate Around Net-Zero Initiatives

News Article

Harnessing AI in asset-intensive industries

Heiko Claussen at AspenTech explores how asset-intensive industries can harness artificial intelligence as a way of strengthening both efficiency and sustainability.

News Article

How are digital technologies promoting sustainable energy practices in the GCC region?

Digital technologies promoting sustainable energy

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Data for All: Unlocking Industrial Value In The Cloud

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can integrate industrial data from diverse sources, including Microsoft Azure cloud, featuring experts from ARC, Microsoft and AspenTech®.

On-Demand Webinar

Maximizing Profitability Through Chemical Supply Chain Optimization

The chemical supply chain landscape has undergone unprecedented challenges in recent years, marked by new levels of complexity, disruptions, and pressure to meet customer demands. The specialty chemicals industry faces the unique challenge of producing lower volumes of high-value products with specific requirements especially in the area of supply chain management.


The Role of Asset Performance Management in the Energy Sector (Part 1)

The World Refining Association (WRA) spoke with Don Busiek, SVP of Asset Performance Management at AspenTech, about how asset performance management solutions can help companies achieve their digitalization and sustainability goals.

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