What is ProMV

This video provides an introduction to the capabilities, applications and value of Aspen ProMV. This version has been edited to two minutes running time.


Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Process Control

Adaptive Process Control: sustain peak APC performance, optimize during testing, commission new controllers faster, reduce effort to re-vamp a controller, reduce skillset required, work on multiple projects in parallel, maintain adequate controller behavior. 

On Demand Webinar

Promova analytics na visualização de dados para maximizar o desempenho de toda a empresa

Você sabia que até 73% dos dados de uma empresa não são utilizados? Com tantos dispositivos e processos conectados, é fundamental que as empresas capturem, visualizem e compartilhem mais facilmente esses dados de diferentes áreas funcionais. Participe deste webinar para aprender sobre uma solução inovadora. O Aspen Enterprise Insights ™ é uma solução corporativa de visualização e fluxo de trabalho que oferece suporte à decisões em tempo real.


Transform Your Business with Production Optimization from AspenTech

This vertically integrated solution "unifies" planners, schedulers, operators and even plant engineers to create a fully aligned schedule to increase throughput and drive unprecedented levels of profitability.


Momentive Boosts Customer Service and Profitability

During this free webinar, learn how Momentive's silicone and quartz business units excel at detailed scheduling and finite capacity optimization in both manufacturing and stock transfer scheduling.

On Demand Webinar

Momentive Boosts Customer Service and Profitability With Detailed Scheduling and Finite Capacity Optimization

During this free webinar, Michael Reifer, leader of Momentive’s Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) Center of Excellence, and Aaron Hunt, SCM senior technical manager, will discuss how the company’s silicone and quartz business units excel at detailed scheduling and finite capacity optimization in both manufacturing and stock transfer scheduling. Additionally, they will share how Momentive’s SIOP Center of Excellence plays a key role in supporting sustainable talent and process development.


ARC View: Digital Twins Support Supply Chain Optimization

In asset-intensive industries, a single failure of a critical, costly piece of equipment can result in millions of dollars in production losses. In a new report, ARC Advisory Group's Steve Banker describes how optimized production scheduling based on an integrated digital twin maintenance model enables these companies to convert unplanned downtime into less expensive, scheduled maintenance.


Aspen Schedule Explorer

Learn how Aspen Schedule Explorer’s collaborative environment is enabling flawless execution and building the plant of the future.

On Demand Webinar

Dow Chemical Makes Better Scheduling Decisions in its Coatings and Polyurethanes Businesses with Aspen Plant Scheduler

The Dow Chemical Company has been leveraging Aspen Plant SchedulerTM to improve customer service and maximize asset utilization for over 20 years. Dow’s internal center of excellence has found Aspen Plant Scheduler to be well suited to address the complex schedule requirements of many of its manufacturing sites. In this presentation, Dow will review how Aspen Plant Scheduler is enabling it to make better scheduling decisions for both its Coatings and Polyurethanes Businesses, optimizing raw material, production and loading rack scheduling against complex constraints and varying demand. Dow has deployed Aspen Plant Scheduler to over 50 plants and has plans to for additional global rollouts. Come hear how Dow Chemical leverages Aspen Plant Scheduler to improve its scheduling capability in support of changing market and customer expectations.

Case Study

Borealis Achieves Faster Run Times and Better Quality Planning Solutions with Aspen PIMS-AO

Learn how Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, implemented Aspen PIMS-AO to support the optimization team and bring about better decision-making for more profitable results. This case study also explores how Borealis achieved dramatically faster run time, employed nonlinear modeling, and deployed planning models to a centralized, virtual environment.

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