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Building agility, resilience and recovery in refining

Seven ways for energy companies to use digital now to navigate the current period and prepare for future economic recovery.

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Seven Keys to Bringing Agility, Resilience and Recovery to Today’s Refineries

The energy industry has been hit hard by current global economic interruptions: rapid drops in demand, a changing mix of preferred products, plummeting crude prices, difficulty staffing essential production sites and fragile supply lines. Energy companies are re-examining their digital capabilities and increasing their focus on digitalization as an essential strategy.

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Making Difficult CAPEX and OPEX Decisions in Uncertain Times

How are you using technology to make CAPEX and OPEX tradeoff decisions in the current volatile market? Many industry leaders are leveraging digitalization in their scenario planning to respond to fast changing conditions while minimizing the impact on business.

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Webinar con YPFB: Cómo optimizar la producción de upstream utilizando un gemelo digital

YPFB es la petrolera nacional de Bolivia y es un productor clave en la producción de gas en Sudamérica. Su producción empezó a disminuir drásticamente en dos de sus principales campos de gas en Bolivia por lo tanto YPFB necesitaba superar este problema para cumplir con sus obligaciones contractuales.


Digitalization, IIoT, Cloud — That's the Answer, But What's the Question?

Before you make the leap into these shiny new advances, you’ve got to really understand the problem that needs to be solved — or you could be embarking on a misguided technology journey.


How the Race is Won with a Fully Data-Centric Workflow

See how you can streamline project data handoffs while improving quality, accuracy and overall profitability with a fully data-centric workflow that integrates solutions from AspenTech and Hexagon PPM.


The Paradigm of Industrial AI: Use Cases Are Delivering Business Value

In our latest AI series blog, we look at how Industrial AI is shaping digitalization strategies and explore use cases that are propelling AI adoption in the industrial sector.

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APAC Webinar (English)-Digitally Transform Your Specialty/Fine Chemicals Process Development

Leveraging process modeling tools is vital for accelerating the journey to market for new products or for optimizing the margins of existing processes. Often, a single tool does not have the capabilities to model entire specialty and fine chemicals processes due to their complexities (batch or mixed batch/continuous, integrated fluid and solid sections, complex reactive systems). As a result, specialty and fine chemicals companies often rely almost exclusively on expensive experimentation and plant trials when innovating their products and processes.

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Aspen Technology Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2020

Aspen Technology Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2020

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Realice análisis de costos relativos desde un simulador

Cuando se está en la fase de desarrollo del proceso el comprender las consecuencias económicas de las decisiones generalmente requiere que un ingeniero de proceso y un estimador pasen las hojas de datos y las condiciones de proceso de un lado a otro. Con Activated Economics puede obtener las aproximaciones económicas inmediatamente mientras construye la configuración de su proceso sin necesidad de cambiar entre distintos programas de software.

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