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How Tupras Refineries Uses Industrial AI to Save Energy, Improve HX Operations

Efficient heat exchanger (HX) operations is critical for plants to improve energy efficiency and meet sustainability goals. Lack of visibility into the fouling levels of HX units and the inability to predict future fouling levels are major challenges while scheduling maintenance work. Although rigorous process modeling can give insights to current fouling levels, prediction of future fouling levels has been difficult.


Players and Slayers In Specialty Chemicals

To be a leading 'player' today's specialty chemicals environment, overcoming these challenges is crucial to staying competitive and ensuring the entire supply chain is optimized.


The Future Starts with the Digital Mine

The future starts with the digital mine, and AspenTech is here to help you on your journey. With solutions like predictive analytics, get early, accurate warnings of equipment failures, increase throughput by reducing unplanned downtime and improve safety by identifying potential risks well in advance. Learn how digital solutions like machine learning, advanced process control, digital twin and more have the power to transform mining.

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How Do You Leverage Industrial Data? Aspen AIoT Hub™ Use Cases Show How

Today’s industrial organizations have access to more information than ever before. However, many lack an industrial AI strategy to achieve real business value from all of this data. They struggle to gather information across industrial systems for advanced analytics, and when they do, it is often the wrong data that won't help them meet their operational excellence goals.

Mine to Plan: Optimize Production & Equipment Availability with Prescriptive Maintenance

By leveraging real-time, data-driven analytics and prescriptive maintenance technology, you can maximize asset availability, including heavy mobile equipment (HME), and optimize overall performance.

Case Study

GlaxoSmithKline Speeds Up Batch Release Time: A Study in Digital Transformation

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) wanted to review the structure of its batch production record and associated workflows as part of a continuous improvement process. AspenTech was selected for this process due to integration with other solutions, such as Aspen InfoPlus.21® and GSK’s existing plant automation software (DCS). The pilot project was a resounding success, reducing order preparation time by 95% and record review time by over 50%.


New AspenTech Research Reveals the State of Industrial AI

Industrial organizations are adopting AI as part of their digital transformation today while planning for tomorrow.

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Big Picture What-Ifs: Quantifying the Business Impact of Maintenance Decisions

Warnings and alerts are not new in the industrial world as some predictive alerts can provide months of warning of catastrophic events. The challenge is how to prioritize and respond to these predictive alerts in a more systematic manner that benefits all areas of an organization.


The Moment of Truth

AspenTech CEO Antonio Pietri reflects on his attendance at COP26 in Glasgow and what it means for our industries.

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Digital Twins: Essential to Driving Sustainable Operations for Chemical Producers

Digitalization can play a crucial role in the sustainability of chemical companies by providing the visibility, analysis and insight needed to address the challenges inherent to meeting sustainability goals.

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