Aspen Mtell

Make unplanned downtime a thing of the past with asset performance management powered by Aspen Mtell. This powerful prescriptive maintenance solution models historical and real-time asset, process and maintenance data to predict future asset behavior and stop machines from breaking down.

On Demand Webinar

La visión de un profesional sobre el mantenimiento prescriptivo

Aprenda como puede usar el mantenimiento prescriptivo (RxM) para dar un valor real a su organización. En este webinar el experto de AspenTech va a demostrar como los conocimientos basados en datos de AI y de Machine Learning mitigan los problemas de mantenimiento y mejoran la productividad.

On Demand Webinar

Aspen Plus晶析モデルと活用事例の紹介

Aspen Plusのバッチ晶析モデルについて紹介します。速度論型の核生成/成長モデルを考慮することで、蒸発晶析や冷却晶析、貧溶媒晶析など多種に渡る晶析プロセスを取り扱うことができます。本モデルを活用することで、バッチ晶析プロセスにおける実験回数の削減、運転条件の最適化検討などが可能となります。

Case Study

Detección de fugas en el rehervidor con meses de anticipación

Descubra cómo un fabricante de termoplásticos de ingeniería descubrió la causa raíz de fallas recurrentes en sus calderas de tubos y calderas utilizando el mantenimiento prescriptivo de Aspen Mtell.

Case Study

Daicel Accelerates Innovation and Reduces the Number of Experiments with Aspen Polymers™

In order to grow its business in a highly competitive market, Daicel, a chemicals manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, needed to develop polymers with narrow molecular weight distributions to meet a specific market demand. Read how Daicel used Aspen Polymers to develop a custom RAFT polymerization model. This model enabled our customer to optimize process conditions and reduce experimental costs, which provided the following benefits:

On Demand Webinar

ACCE User Group Webinar: Product Update and Options for Data Input and Output

During this ACCE User Group webinar, Brett Perroux, Estimating Section Lead at Worley, will provide best practices for importing data to and exporting data from Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE). Naomi Enav, Sr. Product Manager at AspenTech, will provide an update on the ACCE product and its applications. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more!


Aspen PIMS Family

Aspen PIMS is a scalable planning system that helps companies optimize feedstock selection, product slate, plant design, and operational execution. Learn how the how Aspen PIMS family can enable you to make fast, accurate, and profitable decisions about plant operations and much more.


Tres tipos de machine learning impulsan el poder de los datos

Genere el máximo impacto en su negocio al elegir el tipo de Machine Learning adecuado para su organización


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