Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
In a world of fewer projects, increased competition and lump-sum bids, concurrent engineering enabled by AspenTech solutions can help you push the boundaries of what’s possible. Win more work, delight your clients and expand your revenues.
New Revenue Streams

AspenTech provides EPCs with:

  • Estimating solutions for faster, more accurate bidding
  • Concurrent Process Engineering suites to increase engineering productivity
  • Advanced modeling tools that add value during operations & maintenance (O&M)

Turn Bidding Into a Strategic Advantage

Create accurate bids 50% faster and safeguard your firm’s bottom line by moving from spreadsheets to life cycle economic modeling.

Increase Engineering Productivity

Get the most out of your teams and deliver designs optimized for CAPEX, safety and reliability with automated, intelligent guidance.

Capitalize on OPEX

Focus on growth by helping your customers align operating data and process models to maximize asset efficiency, agility and utilization.
Engineering Procurement and Construction
Learn and Apply
Educating Process Control Engineers for the Industry

On-Demand Webinar - EPC Perspectives: Concurrent Process Engineering for Improved Project Outcomes

In this webinar, Paul Donnelly, Industry Marketing Director of AspenTech, will share the results of a recent survey on how EPC firms are avoiding the pitfalls and delays caused by sequential engineeri...

On Demand Webinar

Executive Brief: EPC Perspectives - Generating New Revenue Streams from Plant Operations & Maintenance

This executive brief highlights the results of a recent survey conducted with Oil & Gas Journal on how EPC firms are pursuing new sources of revenue from the operations and maintenance phases of a pro...

Executive Brief
NRS Webinar

On Demand Webinar: EPC Perspectives - New Revenue Streams From Operations and Maintenance

Paul Donnelly of AspenTech will share the results of a recent survey on how Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) firms are pursuing new sources of revenue from the operations and maintenance ...

On Demand Webinar
New Revenue Streams

Operations & Maintenance Is the Next Frontier

EPCs: Find New Revenue in O&M

Here are six ways EPCs can leverage their existing modeling skills to optimize the operation of plants and bring in new business for their firms.


Executive Brief: 5 Best Practices in Capital Project Estimating for the Process Industries

Engineering, Procurement and Construction firms (EPCs) are facing the challenge of fewer and smaller projects out for bid, and win rates are critical for their future success. This executive brief pr...

Executive Brief

S&B Engineers Case Study

Learn how S&B reduces estimating manhours by between 50-80% depending on project stage through use of ACCE on all bids and estimates.

Case Study

Make Your Estimate a True Strategic Weapon

Adoption of ACCE can easily follow a known process that leverages organizational alignment, implementation of the software and a change in workflow processes that maximizes benefits.

White Paper
Validation of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

Validation of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

See how the results of BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS compare with published results.

White Paper

Modular Design for Lower CAPEX

Achieve savings in both engineering hours and CAPEX with modular design through the use of stanadardized designs in re-useable templates.

White Paper
Global Engineering Collaboration Infographic

Global Engineering Collaboration Infographic

See how aspenONE Engineering enables streamlined conceptual engineering and FEED workflow.