Enabling producers to improve margins, reduce operational risks and drive profitable growth across their most important value chains.

Leveraging proven, technology-inspired best practices to: 

  • Improve asset reliability and integrity
  • Improve customer outcomes and increase responsiveness
  • Drive efficiencies across both manufacturing and supply chain operations
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Westlake Chemical Improves Reaction Time from Hours to Minutes

Learn how Westlake assesses time sensitive supply chain opportunities, such as accepting a modified customer order, in a matter of minutes using Aspen Plant Scheduler rather than four hours using prev...

Case Study

5 Signs You Need Optimization - How Scheduling Technology Enhances Asset Utilization in Your Plants

Petrochemical companies have spent a significant amount of money to build assets that manufacture and distribute goods based on customer demand—and they expect a return on that investment. Investing i...

Executive Brief

Petrochemical Production Facility Drives Value and Maximizes Return with Non-linear APC

Non-linear Advanced Process Control (APC) improved SCG’s product stability and quality, minimized variations, and enabled enhanced transition strategies.

Case Study

Aspen Polymers - Conceptual design and optimization of polymerization processes

Aspen Polymers is the market-leading technology for accurate and reliable design and optimization of polymer processes, accelerating new product innovation and enabling increased operational efficienc...


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