Aspen Plus®

Advance circular economy initiatives and respond to global economic challenges, dynamic market conditions and competitive pressures by improving performance, quality and time-to-market with the best-in-class simulation software for chemicals, polymers, life sciences and new sustainability processes.

The Leading Process Simulation Software in the Chemical Industry


Market-leading process simulator built on over 40 years of experience, feedback from top chemical companies and an award-winning physical properties database.


Integrated process modeling with economic, energy, safety and emissions analysis to improve time-to-market, process efficiency and sustainability performance.


Built-in capabilities for rigorous modeling of a wide range of chemical processes, for both batch and continuous operations, including solids and biomass processing, carbon capture, hydrogen electrolysis, bioreactors and polymers.


Lifecycle modeling from design through operations, enhanced with embedded AI and high-performance computing to improve process development, overcome current operational limitations and improve production.

Leverage Best-in-Class Process Simulation Software

Learn how our chemical engineering software for sustainability helps:

  • Drive faster time-to-market for technology innovations
  • Determine technical and economic feasibility for projects rapidly
  • Support new investments to drive net zero initiatives

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