Aspen Plus®
Advance the performance of your chemical processes using best-in-class simulation software for bulk, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries to optimize throughput, quality and energy use.
Process simulation modeling for optimizing your plant

This innovative and powerful modeling technology includes:

  • Best in class database of pure component and phase equilibrium data for conventional chemicals, electrolytes, solids and polymers

  • Integrated solids, batch and custom processing unit modeling
  • Faster troubleshooting, online performance monitoring and real-time optimization
Collaborate to model chemical processes


Exciting new features help you:

  • Improve column performance by detecting weeping and flooding
  • Create a digital twin of your plant for data driven decision allowing increased efficiency
  • Easily model batch and continuous processes using the same flow sheet
Aspen Plus
Learn and Apply

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Aspen Batch Process Developer

Aspen Batch Process Developer™ is a recipe-based modeling technology for batch process scale-up, and is used for developing batch process models from early route selection to full-scale manufacturing.


7 Secrets to a Well-Run Plant (for Plant Managers)

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