Reach Your Sustainability Targets

Today's dual challenge of maximizing business performance and meeting sustainability goals demands new levels of efficiency and innovation.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals Using Digitalization and AspenTech Industrial AI™

Jumpstart Sustainability with New Sample Models

  • 'Getting Started' sample models enable quick access to the capabilities within Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen Plus®, Aspen Unified PIMS™, and Aspen PIMS-AO™ to model and optimize bio feedstocks, carbon capture, and hydrogen processes
  • Accelerate the use of models for sustainability applications
  • Sample models can be easily adapted to what you are building

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Resource Efficiency

Minimize environmental impact, reducing water and energy consumption by improving efficiency.

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Energy Transition & Decarbonization

Improve your transition from fossil fuels to renewables to new energy sources, all to reduce carbon emissions.

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Circular Economy

Address the entire lifecycle and accelerate innovation to support waste reduction, advanced recycling and renewable feedstocks.

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AspenTech is honored to have our work with FP Corporation recognized with a 2020 Green Supply Chain Award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.
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ASSOCHAM names AspenTech customer BPCL winner of its 2020 Innovators’ Excellence Award for emission monitoring and control.
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Singapore Business Review names Aspen Mtell® winner of its 2020 Technology Excellence Award for AI Manufacturing.
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Whats new in V12.1
Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with AspenTech Industrial AI™.

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