Aspen DMC3
Enable rapid deployments and sustain optimal performance with patented Adaptive Process Control technology that enables simultaneous process optimization and testing.
Sustain peak Advanced Process Control performance

Maximize benefits with patented Adaptive Process Control technology in Aspen DMC3.

  • Sustain peak APC performance by continuously adapting controllers in the background with no disruptions to the process
  • Reduce complexity and project costs required to build, deploy and maintain APC controllers
  • Enable best in class APC program, improve APC utilization, and expand APC footprint, all with existing APC resources
Innovative tools to build and sustain Advanced Process Control controllers

Aspen DMC3 combines the most profit hungry engine in the market with powerful and innovative tools to build and sustain APC controllers.

  • Adapt to process changes by calibrating models in the background without losing the benefits of closed-loop optimizing control
  • Reduce complexity in controller tuning and optimization with Smart Tune technology
  • Improve performance and uptime by stabilizing controllers with a single tunable robustness factor
  • Enable proactive maintenance by automatically identifying poorly performing aspects of your controller
  • Simplify learning curve and improve project efficiency with a modernized and intuitive user interface 


Aspen DMC3
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ExxonMobil's Experiences Utilizing Adaptive Process Control to Deploy and Maintain APC Applications

Adaptive Process Control is changing the way major organizations like ExxonMobil build and maintain APC controllers. In this webinar, ExxonMobil experts will share the benefits they achieved by using ...

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Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Process Control

Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Process Control

Adaptive Process Control: sustain peak APC performance, optimize during testing, commission new controllers faster, reduce effort to re-vamp a controller, reduce skillset required, work on multiple pr...

Next Generation of Advanced Process Control Delivers Benefits for Ethylene Manufacturer

Next Generation of APC Delivers Benefits for Ethylene Manufacturer

Learn how Qenos, an Austrailian ethylene manufacturer, used Aspen DMC3 to revamp a demethaniser controller with very limited resources and achieved a 5-10% increase in cold end throughput, a 40% reduc...

Case Study

An Enhanced Iterative Process for Sustaining the Value of APC Applications

Learn about how the synergy between innovations in model identification, automated testing and controller operating modes are creating opportunities to bring new efficiencies to sustaining APC control...

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