Aspen DMC3

Sustain optimal process performance with adaptive process control including deep learning technology that incorporates process safeguards.

Achieve Operational Excellence and Sustainability Goals Through Industry-Leading DMC3 Technology with Embedded AI

Unleash the Power of Deep Learning

Develop more accurate and sustainable APC models covering a wider operational range by combining linear and nonlinear variables in one model, with AI.

Adapt and Optimize Simultaneously

Improve ROI and energy efficiency with rapid controller deployment, continuous model improvement and simplified workflows to enable easier use by engineers.

Simplify Modeling, Tuning and Optimization

Revolutionize model building with AI and streamline controller tuning with step-by-step wizards to specify linear and nonlinear optimization objectives.

Improve Performance with Remote Monitoring

Increase controller uptime by accessing, visualizing and analyzing real-time KPIs in the cloud.

In today’s volatile environment, companies must operate with agility to meet market demand, maximize margins and reduce energy consumption. Aspen DMC3 helps companies achieve and sustain:

  • 2-5% improvement in throughput
  • 3% increase in yield
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption
  • >50% reduction in product quality standard deviation

Learn more about next-generation adaptive process control technology.

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Aspen DMC3

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Aspen Self-Paced eLearning

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