Platform Support

Defining the optimum computer infrastructure for use of AspenTech® software begins with understanding the computing platforms that are tested and supported by AspenTech.

In terms of Platform Support Guidance, currently AspenTech's Microsoft support plan anticipates supporting the elements Windows Desktop & Server, Office, and SQL Server through the extended Microsoft support end date.

Additional information:

Note: Microsoft has dropped extended support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. As a result these platforms are no longer supported in any AspenTech releases.

Follow the links below to learn about the computing platforms and hardware we support:

Platform Support by Application

Note: There are no platform changes in V12.2, please refer to the V12.1 Platform Specifications.

Note: Requires V12 or later Software License Manager Server (SLM)

Hardware Platform Support

Starting with aspenONE V9, hardware requirements are no longer a separate document and are now included within the platform specification document.


AspenTech’s test environment methodology is to utilize Windows Update on a representative sample of ENG, MSC and APM products upon notification of new Security Bulletin availability by Microsoft. The test environments and systems are updated and observed while the application is under test and are subsequently qualified.