Case Study

Refinería en Reino Unido incrementa producción de destilados medios con Aspen GDOT™

Descargue este caso de estudio para conocer cómo una refinería en el Reino Unido utilizó Aspen GDOT para incrementar su producción de destilados medios en un 10%. La tecnología de lazo cerrado se ajusta automáticamente a múltiples unidades de proceso con base en condiciones cambiantes para mantener la consistencia del producto y mejorar el desempeño global de la refinería. Descubra cómo puede hacer que sus operaciones sean más rentables al utilizar Aspen GDOT.

White Paper

Acid Gas Cleaning using Amine Solvents: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

Learn about the underlying technology and validation results for the Acid Gas - Chemical Solvents Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for amine solvents in Gas-Liquid Systems, such as MDEA, MEA, DEA, PZ and PZ+MDEA.


Solución a cuellos de botella en la producción de gas usando un gemelo digital

Conozca cómo YPFB Andina integró y optimizó su producción en Upstream de gas usando un gemelo digital

Live Webinar

Webinar: Analyze and Respond to Changing Refinery Conditions in the “New Normal”

Refineries are tasked with finding better ways to navigate today’s extremely disruptive environment. Many companies are operating under a “new normal”, characterized by extremely volatile markets, a depressed demand for products and a non-essential staff working remotely. Join AspenTech experts as they share best practices to help you:

White Paper

Low-Touch Machine Learning is Fulfilling the Promise of Asset Performance Management

Traditional preventive maintenance alone cannot solve the problems of unexpected breakdowns. With asset performance management powered by low-touch machine learning, it’s now possible to extract value from decades of process, asset and maintenance data to optimize asset performance. In this white paper, learn how this disruptive technology deploys precise failure pattern recognition with very high accuracy to predict equipment breakdowns months in advance and advise on prescriptive maintenance. The paper also outlines five best practices for driving state-of-the-art reliability management to increase production and profitability.

Aspen Plus

AspenTech's Aspen Plus provides a plant-wide simulation solution that combines unparalleled accuracy and engineering collaboration to drive ROI.

Aspen Enterprise Insights

AspenTech enables you to improve project and operations performance using actional data insights to monitor assets and streamline workflows.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English) - Accelerate Innovation and Improve Sustainability Through Polymer Process Modeling

Sustainability is imperative for companies to remain profitable and relevant in the evolving marketplace. Many companies are incorporating sustainability targets into their business goals and are renewing their commitments through this extreme market volatility. With the help of technology, a focus on becoming more sustainable can offer companies opportunities to gain higher returns and drive new levels of optimization.

White Paper

Six Keys to Building Resilience, Agility and Recovery for the Chemical Industry

In the current extreme VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, chemical producers are learning the importance of operating with insight and agility. At the same time, companies are being tested for the depth of their resilience, and learning how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics, and emerge from this crisis in a stronger position.

Live Webinar

Prevent Unplanned Downtime with Prescriptive Maintenance

With current shortages in on-site staffing, many companies struggle to prevent unexpected breakdowns. AI and machine learning technology leverage precise pattern recognition from manufacturing assets to provide weeks even months of advanced warning on imminent degradation and failures.

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