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How Digitalization Accelerates Large Capital Projects

By leveraging an automated digital flow of information, business functions can drive increased collaboration, accelerating the delivery of large capital projects. Join this webinar to learn how Aspen Enterprise Insights™ can improve capital project execution by helping you:


Efficient Plant: Use Industry 4.0 To Elevate Sustainability

In this article, AspenTech's Paige Marie Morse delves into how digital-transformation technologies can help industrial organizations cut energy costs while reducing environmental impact. Download now to discover how AI and machine-learning technology combined can enable companies to predict asset malfunctions well in advance and have positive financial and sustainable results.


Aspen Plus: Simulación de proceso para la industria química

Aspen Plus fomenta el desempeño de procesos químicos usando el mejor software de simulación en su clase para las industrias de químicos a granel, productos químicos de especialidad y farmacéutica. Esta poderosa tecnología de modelado permite la optimización de la cantidad de material procesado, la calidad del producto y en uso de energía en operaciones por lote, continuas y combinadas.

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Accelerate New Product Development in Chemicals

Understanding how different variations to raw materials, recipes and operating conditions influence product outcomes can present a fast track to new product development for chemical companies. Download this whitepaper to learn how Aspen ProMV can reduce R&D time in the following ways:

Case Study

De reactivo a proactivo: Genere mejores resultados comerciales con machine learning

Conozca cómo se utilizó la tecnología de mantenimiento predictivo de Aspen Mtell para saber con 27 días de anticipación sobre fallas de la válvula central de una planta de plásticos especializada.

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Maximize Mining Equipment Effectiveness, Minimize Margin Loss

Mining companies invest heavily in equipment for all stages of mining, mineral processing, refining and distribution. By monitoring asset condition and behavior and developing profiles of normal operations, anomalies and failures, predictive maintenance tools can notify staff of equipment problems prior to failure. This paper outlines how predictive maintenance provides mining organizations the intelligence needed to:


Optimize for the “Business Trifecta”, Safety, Sustainability and Productivity

Discover how predictive maintenance and planned downtime can deliver positive results for your company when it comes to Safety, Sustainability and Productivity.


Sustainability: A Core Initiative for Collaboration in the Chemical Industry

Legislation and pressure from stakeholders are forcing the chemical industry to find efficiencies and seek ways to reduce environmental impact, such as implementing low-carbon initiatives, maximizing energy and water efficiency and developing new innovative products and processes.

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The Performance Engineering Workflow

AspenTech's performance engineering solution enables collaboration and efficiency across the engineering lifecycle to ensure designs that improve operations, profitability and asset effectiveness. Take a tour using this interactive infographic to see the benefits of connecting people through common tools at each step in the performance engineering workflow.


Sustainability Begins With Design

With Performance Engineering, you can create plant designs that achieve business goals while optimizing energy use and lowering the carbon footprint of construction.

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