Aspen Petroleum SchedulerTM
Enabling companies to perform key refinery scheduling activities, including dock and pipeline movements for global refineries, from within a single platform.
Better collaboration on refinery scheduling activities

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler is the industry leading refinery scheduling solution used by refineries world-wide, providing:

  • Event-based scheduling and single blend optimization
  • Better collaboration while schedulers work simultaneously with automated alerts to changes
  • Increased visibility for a comprehensive, refinery-wide view of the schedule
  • Shared assays, production targets, process unit representations and blending correlations with Aspen PIMS™
Scheduling through integrated refinery planning, scheduling and blending

Achieve greater profitability by being able to:

  • Perform one-stop scheduling through integrated refinery planning, scheduling and blending
  • Accurately track incoming and outgoing pipeline movements
  • Manage incoming and outgoing shipments down to the docks


Aspen Petroleum Scheduler
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