AspenTech Inmation™: an Industry-Leading OT Data Fabric and Edge Software

Watch Dr. Nina Schwalb, Vice President of AspenTech DataWorks, in her first-ever AspenTech webinar as she discusses industrial data management and AspenTech Inmation.

Drawing from her extensive experience as an end-user of AspenTech Inmation since 2017, Dr. Schwalb offers a unique viewpoint on the features necessary for software to effectively address customer challenges.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about how to:

  • Manage the complexities of industrial data management effectively
  • Empower stakeholders across the process industries to make better, data-informed decisions
  • Capture more value from data from the edge to the cloud

AspenTech Inmation™: an Industry-Leading OT Data Fabric and Edge Software

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