Asset Performance Management

AspenTech's Asset Performance Management Solution reduces downtime, maintenance costs and greatly improves plant safety.

Aspen Utilities

Aspen Utilities helps manage and optimize energy use and sourcing to ensure all operations receive reliable supplies while minimizing cost and emissions.

Aspen OptiRouter

Aspen OptiRouter

Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout

Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout

Aspen Multi-Case

Easily runs thousands of simulations cases concurrently, on-premise or in the cloud with Aspen Multi-Case™ from AspenTech.

Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

AspenTech can optimize CAPEX and OPEX by modeling heat exchangers within the larger process using a comprehensive set of rigorous HX models.

Aspen Energy Analyzer

Aspen Energy Analyzer helps you maximize energy efficiency using the insights and energy-saving suggestions.

Value Chain Optimization for Polymers and Specialty Chemicals

Value Chain Optimization for specialty chemicals helps organizations optimize supply chains by providing the visibility and agility necessary in today's complex environments.

Value Chain Optimization for Energy

The Value Chain Optimization solution enables optimization of the petroleum supply chain by providing the visibility and agility necessary to respond to evolving demands.

Production Optimization for Specialty Chemicals

Оптимизация производства для малотоннажных химикатов

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