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A nimble team is essential as you transition to new business and operational models. Let us help your organization advance know-how, unlock innovation and solve complex business problems.

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Leveraging Industrial Digital Transformation and AI for the Changing Workforce

The workforce is experiencing unprecedented turbulence, and new solutions are required for business to adapt and thrive in the current volatile environment.

It’s crucial for operations to be flexible and able to respond to uncertainty and change by embracing technology that can attract and retain the next generation of workers – and empower them with the skills needed to reimagine manufacturing. 

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    Assess and certify proficiency to build in-house expertise, recognize individual achievements and advance career growth.
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Students in India and China Build Skills to Address Dual Challenge

More than 1/3 of the world’s population now resides in India and China. As both countries grow, the pressures mount on infrastructure, resources, workforce and environmental sustainability.

Smart Industry

Training to achieve sustainability

AspenTech is providing guidance on using digital technologies to achieve sustainability goals.

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Aspen Technology Delivers First-of-its-Kind Training for Sustainability Technology Pathways

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  • ● Use digital twins to accurately model your industrial equipment and processes and increase transparency and collaboration across disciplines and organizations.
    ● Bridge the organizational gap between domain experts and data scientists by enabling shared access and solution collaboration across a common set of industrial data.
    ● Integrate people, data and workflows into a highly-automated, digital business process through a seamless flow of work and information.

Introducing the AspenTech DataWorks Business Unit

AspenTech DataWorks is purpose-built to be the global leader in industrial data management.

ARC Panel: Importance of Building an Industrial Data Foundation

ARC Executive Panel: Building an Industrial Data Foundation

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about AspenTech's acquisition of Inmation and what it means for your industrial data strategy.

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Working In Silos

In the Pharma Times article “Working in Silos” AspenTech’s Justin Eames discusses the pitfalls of working in silos in the pharmaceutical industry and explains how AspenTech’s solutions can make an imp...


  • ● Team with us and our more than 40 years of experience as a trusted industry leader to solve your complex problems.
    ● Transform your business by collaborating with top companies in our partner network to plan, develop and successfully execute innovative projects.
    ● Join us as we face humanity’s greatest challenge head-on and create innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Digital Operating Strategies

Pratibha Pillalamarri, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APM Solutions at AspenTech sits down with Shaun Johnston, Vice President, Digital Consulting at Wood after their panel discussion at 2023's ARC co...

Hart Energy Webinar: The Next Generation Data Historian

The Next Generation Industrial Data Historian

Experts from AWS and AspenTech discuss how the next generation data historian is evolving from data storage to industrial data management platform as manufacturers now require more data integration, a...

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AspenTech & Emerson Launch New Demo at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence

AspenTech, Emerson and Microsoft are committed to working with energy and industrial companies to drive progress that advances their sustainability goals and helps them reach their net zero targets.

Whats new in V14
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

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Aspen Technology Helps Companies Address Generational Workforce Shifts with Industry Domain Training Program

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Training a sustainable future workforce

By emphasising resource efficiencies, the energy transition, and achieving decarbonisation initiatives, AspenTech is bringing its lessons to the world.

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AspenTech ESG Report 2022/2023

AspenTech 2022/2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

For over 40 years, AspenTech has applied advanced technology to address the critical challenges faced by industry and society. Now, our focus is also on leading in sustainability solutions and partner...

Aspen Geolog Connector to OSDU Helps TotalEnergies Accelerate Decision-Making and Project Delivery

Aspen Geolog™ Connector to OSDU Helps TotalEnergies Accelerate Decision-Making and Project Delivery

One of the key challenges in accelerating decision-making and reducing the development cycle of any operational E&P prospect is to seamlessly share the same updated data with all parties involved in t...

Case Study
Aspen Remote Services

Aspen Remote Services

Since the pandemic’s onset, companies have had to learn how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics. The transition to a more remote workforce and an increase in digital te...

Smart Industry

3 challenges to overcome in the rise of the new industrial IT workforce

A confluence of factors like Industry 4.0, the knowledge gap and COVID-19 have created new expectations among the industrial workforce, including the need to grow and retain industrial data scientists...

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From “Big Data” to “Smart Data”

The presence of a CDO influences how companies talk about data — companies with a CDO mention data ~30% more frequently than those without a CDO.