Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Collect, merge, store and retrieve large volumes of time-series data and make it accessible for analysis and reporting by client users, business systems and production applications.

Unlock the Value of Your Operational Data with a Flexible On-Prem Data Foundation

Unlock Data and Increase Profitability

Readily unlock and disseminate data into tailored records structures, enabling data-fueled decisions that optimize production operations.

Monitor and Benchmark

Embedded real-time computation engines (KPI, SPC/SQC) support performance management and analysis across an enterprise to reduce operational expenses.

Improve Collaboration

Build better work practices with a powerful, flexible and secure infrastructure that easily scales across an organization, enabling company-wide benchmarking.
Webinar: Harness the Power of Industrial Data - from the Plant Floor to Azure
Powerful Solutions to Integrate Industrial Data

As more companies embrace AI, they are challenged with data collection and data integration. What’s required is a fundamental change in how plant operations data is accessed, gathered and analyzed.

Learn how Azure and Aspen IP.21 can help you integrate data from sensors to the edge and cloud.

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Product Features

Aspen Connect™

A powerful data connectivity solution built for enterprises with the ability to read from and write to a wide variety of data sources, databases, and historians.

Aspen Production Record Manager™

Discover detailed origin of production losses and improve automation for easier analysis and production reporting with real-time visibility to improve batch performance.

aspenONE Process Explorer

aspenONE® Process Explorer™

Decrease reaction times and improve production performance with comprehensive real-time visibility into your operations.

aspenONE Process Explorer

Aspen Enterprise IP.21 Historian™

Delivering the Connected Enterprise - All the data that’s worth having all the time where you need it.

Whats new in V14
Achieve higher levels of operational excellence with aspenONE® V14 enhancements and V14.2 to accelerate your digital journey.

Webinar with ARC: The Future of the Data Historian

Insights into New Data Historian Innovations

Learn how the data historian is evolving from data storage to industrial data management platform and how manufacturers require data integration, archiving, asset modeling, visualization and analysis capabilities.

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Brochure: Aspen InfoPlus.21

Aspen InfoPlus.21®

This brochure explains how Aspen InfoPlus.21 creates a complete picture of production operations.

Data Sheet: Aspen InfoPlus.21

Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Unlock information and create value through a flexible, comprehensive data foundation.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet: Aspen Production Record Manager

Aspen Production Record Manager™

Aggregate event and batch process data for quality assurance and traceability.

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Data Sheet: aspenONE Process Explorer

aspenONE Process Explorer™

Visualize, analyze, monitor and access plant operations data in real-time.

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Data Sheet: Aspen Connect

Aspen Connect™

A powerful data connectivity solution built for enterprise, with the ability to read from and write to a wide variety of data sources, databases and historians.

Data Sheet
Case Study: DuPont Migrates 23 Years of Data to Aspen IP.21 Process Historian™ in Hours (Not Weeks!)

DuPont Migrates Data to Aspen IP.21 in Hours Not Weeks

Learn how DuPont, one of the world’s largest producers of chemicals and science-based products, successfully migrated over 23 years of historical data in Aveva PI to Aspen InfoPlus.21® in less than 4 ...

Case Study
Cabot Improves Quality by 30% and Reduces Variability With Global Manufacturing Execution System

Cabot Improves Quality by 30% with Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Cabot, a global specialty chemicals company, operates 39 manufacturing plants across 19 countries. Globalization brought improvement opportunities including sharing production recipes and providing vi...

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