Aspen Fleet Optimizer

Provide the most profitable schedule to fulfill demand through the entire “order-to-cash” business process by financially and operationally optimizing each component of the overall logistics.

Aspen Fleet OptimizerTM is an enterprise-solution for inventory management and truck transportation optimization, empowering companies to realize the most profitable schedule to fulfill demand.

Aspen Fleet Optimizer
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Emergency Order Management

Now Map Monitor goes beyond visualization to enable the scheduler to address emergency situations such as canceling or deleting a dispatched order or transferring a dispatched order to a station to prevent a runout.  Schedulers can see the immediate impact of any changes. Map Monitor also provides insight into sales forecasts over the near-term time horizon to enable your dispatchers to adjust future schedules as needed.

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Prevent unscheduled runouts.

With Map Monitor's intuitive color coded icons, easily identify potential issues within the delivery schedule. Anticipate unplanned runouts and prevent them before they occur. New Load Confirm feature enables integration between Aspen Fleet Optimizer and other systems.

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Create an optimized transport plan.

Aspen's Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO) generates the absolute lowest cost-per-volume delivered schedule that is operationally feasible for transportation optimization.

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Manage inventories and working capital.

Automated Stock Replenishment (ASR) leverages a proven method of integrated demand forecasting, proportional inventory management, and order generation to create automatic replenishment plans and orders for service stations, airports, and other commercial operations.


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Integrate to complimentary systems.

Facilitate data exchange and collaboration for optimal planning. Integration methods include: receiving stock-level, point-of-sales data, and terminal loading confirmations via the ERP system by telephone, fax, email, or the web. 

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Improve customer service.

Leverage Order Manager complete with voice and web capabilities. Enhance operational coordination between logistics and credit with the Customer Order Credit Management capability. Manage orders, credit, and inventories to keep stations in product.

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Reduce transportation costs.

Use best-in-class vehicle and routing optimization to minimize distribution costs and lower cost-per-volume delivered, while proactively analyzing "what-if" scenarios for your supply and distribution needs.

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Perform economic analysis and reporting.

Quickly respond to the dynamic nature of the retail industry by performing enhanced scenario analysis to determine the most cost effective way of adjusting schedules -- minimizing the negative impact on cost and customer service.

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