Aspen Event Analytics

Operational analytics for the process industries

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get to the Bottom of Production Events

Whats new in V12.1
Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with AspenTech Industrial AI™.

Improve Operator Effectiveness

Improve situational awareness to better handle abnormal situations and quickly return to a safe, normal mode of operation.

Avoid Losses

Find and fix small problems before they become big ones.

Improve Profitability

Unlock operational efficiencies – increase productivity, extend asset life spans and reduce operating and maintanance expenses.
Empower operators and front-line process engineers to better handle abnormal conditions. Analytics improve decisions to increase process safety and uptime.

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Empowering Operators and Frontline Process Engineers with AI-Powered Operational Analytics

Empowering Operators and Frontline Process Engineers with AI-Powered Operational Analytics

Today’s industries face mounting challenges in assuring the best operational performance of assets, both mechanical and process. Managing asset performance is the key element of controlling the operat...

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Introduction to Aspen Event Analytics

Presentamos Aspen Event Analytics™

Los comportamientos desconocidos e inesperados del proceso que provocan perturbaciones en las operaciones de producción pueden provocar una pérdida de calidad, rendimiento y rentabilidad. Con Aspen Ev...

Webinar: Investigate and Diagnose Events More Rapidly with Aspen Event Analytics™

Investigue y diagnostique eventos rápidamente con Aspen Event Analytics™

Los eventos inesperados pueden perturbar las operaciones y crear problemas prolongados de calidad y seguridad. Los operadores de primera línea pueden estar mal equipados con las herramientas o habilid...

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Cut Through the Noise: Cut Down the Time

Aspen Event Analytics™: Cut Through the Noise

In this interactive infographic learn how to cut through the noise and cut the downtime. Enable frontline workers to rapidly investigate and understand operational disturbances with Aspen Event Analyt...

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