Solids Modeling

Achieve design flexibility by modeling fluids and solids in one environment.

Accelerate New Process Development with Solids Modeling

Achieve Higher Throughputs

Optimize recycle rates, reduce waste while improving yield and selectivity throughout production process.

Reduce Energy Costs

Improve the design and operation of dryers to save up to 30% of energy consumed in a process.

Minimize CAPEX and Utility Costs

Simulate wide array of solids equipment, reduce recycle streams, optimize drying and lower fine particles emissions through use of high-fidelity models.

Improve Product Quality

Effectively manage product purity by using the high shear granulation and agglomeration modeling techniques.

Solids Process Optimization

Deliver consistent quality of solids by using rigorous solids handling equipment models integrated with fluid simulation:

  • Reduce capital and energy costs in drying
  • Optimize particle size distribution and moisture content
  • Avoid overdesign
Experience easy-to-use solids modeling, without needing to be a particle science expert.

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