Aspen Coil Wound Exchanger

Accurately predict thermal and hydraulic operations of coil wound heat exchangers to reduce energy consumption.

Part of AspenTech’s Comprehensive and Rigorous HX Modeling Solution

Save Energy

Design and rate coil wound heat exchangers using Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating (Aspen EDR) Family to optimize the performance of CWHE and reduce exergy loss.

Optimize Cryogenic Processes

Optimize production rates and operating strategy with rigorous heat exchanger modeling in context of the overall process. Model exchanger performance with detailed thermal and hydraulic calculations for each process stream of the exchanger.

Improve Sitewide Performance

Simulate the thermal and hydraulic behavior of CWHE in the context of the broader process by leveraging the integration with Aspen HYSYS® to improve the performance of the LNG plants.

Designs You Can Trust

Proven modeling technology based on proprietary theoretical models and correlations backed by over 40 years of experimental study. Easily validate design with in-product access to source methods, models and data.

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Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating™

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Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating Family

Heat exchangers can comprise up to 30% of capital equipment and impact 90% of the energy used in a process plant.

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