Aspen PIMS™

Optimize feedstocks, product slates, capital expansions and more with Aspen PIMS, used at more than 400 refineries and olefins plants worldwide.

The Industry Leader in Refinery and Olefins Planning Software

Optimize Feedstock, Products and Production Plans

Simplify and optimize the enormous number of options in production planning to provide guidance to operations and improve margins and reliability.

Make the Right Decisions With Powerful Data

Understand the important break-even values for different feedstocks and products to maximize profits within recommended operating limits.

Use the Most-Trusted Solution

Over 400 refineries, chemical plants and E&C companies use Aspen PIMS. Over 60% of the world's refining capacity is optimized using Aspen PIMS!

Evaluate Capital Project Economics

Evaluate project feasibility and test different feedstocks, equipment combinations and operating conditions to maximize the economic value of your projects.

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Aspen PIMS

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Repsol's extended value chain "Control Tower" project recognized with a "Top Supply Chain Projects 2022" award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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