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Make Hydrogen a Viable, Practical Energy Solution with Digitalization

As the hydrogen economy continues to gain momentum, organizations are looking for faster, more efficient ways to design and deploy hydrogen projects. Growing pressure to meet sustainability targets is only increasing the demand to make these initiatives both viable and profitable.

The Self-Optimizing Plant

In today’s VUCA environment, organizations are turning to digitalization and industrial AI to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous processes that enable new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. Learn how self-optimizing plants will enable companies to: empower next-generation workers to focus on the highest-value activities; improve safety and reliability with IoT predictive maintenance software; reduce downtime of plant operations by optimizing assets and equipment lifecycle; and achieve sustainability goals with reduced energy use and emission control.

Industrial AI from AspenTech

Transform how your organization works with AI embedded into AspenTech solutions. Gain insights, automate processes and improve operational efficiencies with built-in AI and domain expertise.

Interactive Infographic

Navigate 5 Common Pharma Challenges with an Integrated Digital Strategy

View this interactive infographic to see how AspenTech’s transformative digital technologies are enabling pharma companies to boost efficiency and productivity and improve access to medicine.

Power Generation Transmission and Distribution

AspenTech's Power Asset Optimization software solution enables you to reduce operating and maintenance expenses, optimize resource and purchase decisions.


Accelerate Your Pharma 4.0 Journey Through a Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Watch this video to see how digital solutions for pharmaceuticals can boost efficiency and productivity, improve access to medicine and accelerate your Pharma 4.0 journey.


Making Better and Faster Decisions to Abate Carbon Emissions: Introducing AspenTech Operational Insights

The new solution features AspenTech Operational Insights™, a proven decision support capability that unites, correlates, analyzes and visualizes data from across an organization for fast, confident decision-making on those crucial items affecting emissions.

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5 Steps to Achieve More Cost-Effective Amine-based Carbon Capture Processes at Commercial Scale

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is an essential pathway to meet net zero emissions targets. However, for capital-intensive industries to reach these commitments, it’s critical that companies have confidence in the efficient, widespread deployment of carbon capture projects worldwide.

Live Webinar

How a Major Refinery Deployed Real-Time Digital Twins for Multiple Units to Improve Operations

Now more than ever refineries are looking for ways to improve production performance and meet sustainability goals. Join experts from BPCL Kochi Refinery as they share their experience—and best practices—in deploying real-time, Aspen HYSYS®-based digital twins for CDU, Delayed Coker and Hydrocracker units.

Case Study

Mitsubishi Chemical Uses Aspen Hybrid Models to Detect and Avoid Product Quality Issues

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation, Japan’s largest chemical company, faced quality problems in the company's polymer manufacturing processes that could not be detected on time, resulting in impacts to production. Using Aspen Hybrid Models with Aspen Plus®, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation had the opportunity to create a robust and performant model that accurately predicted quality issues and supported preventive actions.

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