Case Study

Top Diesel and Naphtha Producer Uses Product and Process Quality Analytics to Reduce Flaring, Emissions

ORYX GTL Limited is a gas-to-liquids (GTL) diesel and naphtha producer located in Doha, Qatar. The company is committed to reducing its carbon production through the minimization of flaring. By implementing AspenTech´s product and process quality analytics solution, Aspen ProMV®, ORYX was able to increase its diesel and naphtha yield.

Case Study

Sardeolica Digitalizes Wind Farm Maintenance - Reducing Costs, Improving Uptime and Transforming Culture

In this case study, discover how Sardeolica used prescriptive maintenance to achieve maximum value and expects to reduce maintenance costs up to 10 percent per year.


Improve Asset Reliability with Aspen Mtell and Aspen Fidelis

Machine learning technology can now predict equipment failures weeks in advance. But how do you decide when and how to perform the repair to maximize productivity and minimize risk? Learn how Aspen Mtell and Aspen Fidelis enable you to quickly evaluate hundreds of possible future scenarios, and understand the financial consequences and risk involved in different operational decisions.


What’s New with Aspen Mtell®?

Aspen Mtell introduces exciting new features, including Alert Manager, industry-specific asset templates, custom models (BYOM) and intuitive dashboards and KPIs for improved visibility, health insights and recommended actions. This infographic provides a comprehensive overview of the capabilities now available in Aspen Mtell.

Interactive Infographic

8 Reasons You Need the Latest Version of Aspen Mtell

Aspen Mtell® combines the power of data and technology to enable reliability and maintenance engineers to monitor the performance of assets, providing real-time visibility into asset health and actionable insights for faster decision-making. Discover why companies like LG Chem, Evolution Mining, OCP Ecuador and others have opted for AspenTech´s prescriptive maintenance solution to improve their operational efficiency and achieve carbon mitigation and sustainability goals.


Optimizing the Hydrogen Economy with Aspen Fidelis™

The hydrogen economy presents an attractive pathway for companies seeking to decarbonize their operations. However, developing the necessary global-scale infrastructure for green hydrogen poses various challenges and trade-offs across the value chain. Aspen Fidelis assists companies in managing this uncertainty, quantifying risks and ensuring that their capital investments have the highest probability of delivering desired returns throughout the asset's lifespan. See how your company can realize green hydrogen and ammonia solutions at scale.


AI-Driven Enhancements for Optimal Asset Performance

A recent study conducted by ARC Advisory Group analyzed how leading manufacturing companies are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to improve asset performance. While condition-based maintenance is most prevalent, the study found that leaders have successfully built AI capabilities to enhance asset performance practices through in-house platforms, commercial solutions and a combination of both.

On-Demand Webinar

How Braskem Used Aspen ProMV to Recover $1M in Flare Losses

Uncontrolled flare emissions are a costly economic and environmental risk for energy and chemicals companies. During this webinar, learn how Braskem Process Engineers investigated losses in a downstream column and used Aspen ProMV to quickly resolve the problem — saving >$1M a year in losses to flare.


OCP Ecuador Implements Prescriptive Maintenance Solution to Increase Equipment Uptime by 20%

With assets installed in remote locations, OCP Ecuador needed a maintenance solution that would enable them to predict and prevent equipment failures before they occurred. Using prescriptive maintenance, the company can now continuously monitor its critical assets for impending failure. In video, learn how OCP Ecuador reduced maintenance costs by 25% per year and increased engine overhaul from 16000 to 19200 hours, a 20% improvement in uptime.


Agent Scalability with AspenTech APM 4.0

Unexpected disturbances and shutdowns can severely impact any manufacturing facility. The AspenTech APM 4.0 portfolio uses agents that can be replicated quickly and easily across all plant assets to assure production and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Learn how APM 4.0 delivers an all-inclusive approach to efficiency, productivity and safety to support operational excellence in plant operations and the bottom line for manufacturers.

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