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How Digitalization and Prescriptive Maintenance Optimize Sustainable Mining Operations

Recently, Mining Magazine conducted a survey of global mining executives to better understand their attitudes towards technology. The survey explored the technology, obstacles and key opportunities that enable mining organizations to significantly increase uptime, efficiency, performance and transform auditable, data-base insights to improve processes and infrastructure.

Interview with an Expert

The Digital Future of Mining Operations

With mining companies developing digital strategies to control increasing costs and maintain their competitive edge, many are looking to the future by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


Prescriptive Maintenance and Digitalization Deliver Big Benefits For Miners

In a recent survey by Mining Magazine, 50 senior leaders shared their insights on the value of technology tools to improve efficiency, abide by regulations, optimize asset management, automate operations and drive future improvements.

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From Design to Operations—Optimize CAPEX, Reduce Risk and Maximize Performance

The design and debottleneck of plants often require multiple iterations of engineering and capital expenditure (CAPEX) analysis. No matter how well an asset is designed, once operational, new variables come into play allowing for further optimization opportunities to arise. The handoffs between design, construction and operations bring new wrinkles to the entire system. What may seem like an inconsequential decision in one area may have a significant impact in another.

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Webinar with ARC Advisory Group: How Industry Leaders Maximize Profitability with APM

Early returns from an ARC Advisory Group survey indicate that optimizing plant performance and eliminating process upsets are considered a critical component of asset performance management (APM) systems. Many leading companies are successfully using APM solutions—including machine learning or AI—for rotating equipment and static assets, with 27% of those also applying AI to optimize the process or production.

Executive Brief

Advancing Profitability and Sustainability with APM 4.0

Today´s executives are faced with the complex challenge of maximizing profitability while meeting sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. Using APM 4.0 to identify efficiencies across the organization can drive operational excellence, which in turn can lead to significant advancement of sustainability objectives.

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Mantenimiento prescriptivo en minería y metalurgia: mejores prácticas para una adopción exitosa

La productividad y confiabilidad de activos en la industria minera y metalúrgica es fundamental para el éxito del negocio. El análisis predictivo desempeña un papel relevante en los programas de gestión de activos de estas industrias.


Navigate Pharma Manufacturing Challenges with an Integrated Digital Strategy

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are embracing, and accelerating, an integrated digitalization strategy to boost efficiency and productivity, and ultimately improve patient access to medicine. AspenTech provides a breadth of AI-driven, compliance-ready software solutions across the product life cycle to give companies the resources they need to meet today’s demands and guide them on their Pharma 4.0 journey.


ARC Insights: Scaling Asset Performance Management (APM) Across the Enterprise

ARC found that 17 percent of survey respondents cannot scale APM across different assets at the same plant, regardless of resources. And 53 percent of respondents also indicated that their APM deployment was scalable, but not without tremendous effort and resources. Learn more about the ARC Scalability Survey results in this report.


Agent Scalability with AspenTech® APM 4.0

Unexpected disturbances and shutdowns severely impact the bottom line of any manufacturing facility. The AspenTech APM 4.0 portfolio uses agents that can be quickly and easily replicated across all plant assets to assure production and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Watch the video to learn how APM 4.0 delivers an all-inclusive approach to efficiency, productivity, and safety, to support operational excellence and manufacturers’ bottom line.

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