Prioritizing Sustainability with Industrial AI

In the final video of this interview series, Heiko Claussen & Jim Harris discuss Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and how AspenTech is supporting customers’ sustainability goals.


Don’t Let Unplanned Downtime Bring You Down

Picture this: Instead of replacing things that haven’t broken yet on the chance that they might break, what if your car could tell you that something is going to fail in the future and when


Marching Towards Continuous Manufacturing to the Beat of Regulatory Guidance

The lighthouse organizations that have paved the way are showing continuous manufacturing is viable and scalable, leading to greater throughput & consistency in drug quality - decreasing time-to-market.


AspenTech Honored with a 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

The Green Supply Chain Award recognizes companies making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, as well as those working to achieve measurable goals within their operations.

Live Webinar

How OCP Ecuador Reduces Maintenance Costs 20% with Prescriptive Maintenance

For pipeline operators, unexpected outages can have a significant financial impact to an already strained supply chain along with environmental, health and safety risks. It’s more crucial than ever to ensure high asset reliability to help meet market demands and sustainability goals. AI-powered predictive maintenance solutions provide early and accurate warnings of potential failures to address this critical challenge.


Expanding Solutions for the Dual Challenge

AspenTech has a 40-year history of innovation, building on our deep expertise in process industries worldwide to develop new solutions to meet increasingly complex industry challenges.


Where Digital Meets Mining: AspenTech and the Future of the Digital Mine

In this interview style video learn how mining solutions allow mine designers, process engineers and mine leadership to replicate their mine digitally, run what-if analysis and simulation on various changes they’d like to execute on and gain insights into the effects those changes will result in.

Interactive Infographic

4 Steps to Optimize Outcomes Across Your Pharma Value Chain Network

The pandemic heightened the need for agility and resiliency within the supply chain. Speed to market remains a top business imperative as we move into the next normal for pharma.





Veracel’s Journey to AI-Powered Maintenance: How Aspen Mtell® Improves Asset Availability, Increases Production

Veracel is an agro-industrial enterprise with an annual production of 1.1 million tons of Kraft cellulose. In 2020 they partnered with AspenTech to implement Aspen Mtell on their critical assets to improve their asset availability and utilization, reduce production losses, and decrease maintenance costs. Implementing Aspen Mtell has also allowed them to increase the collaboration between reliability, maintenance, and operations teams. Watch this video to find out how Veracel is increasing production while achieving its sustainability goals.

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