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How Braskem Used Aspen ProMV to Recover $1M in Flare Losses

Uncontrolled flare emissions are a costly economic and environmental risk for energy and chemicals companies. During this webinar, learn how Braskem Process Engineers investigated losses in a downstream column and used Aspen ProMV to quickly resolve the problem — saving >$1M a year in losses to flare.

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The Digital Twin and the Smart Enterprise

Across the globe, leading organizations are embracing and implementing advanced digital technologies and the industrial metaverse. This industrial digital transformation journey will change the nature of asset intensive industries, particularly the energy and chemicals businesses. In that context, digital twins — virtualized copies of physical assets and their operating behaviors — will play key roles.

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Solution Brief: Accelerate Market Growth with New Advances in Process Analytical Technology

Pharmaceutical companies, CDMOs and CMOs continue to grapple with the tension between meeting the demand for increasingly diverse pharmaceutical products and the escalating challenges in ensuring supply, especially during periods of disruption.

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Multivariate Analytics: The Secret to Better Batch Processes

Are you struggling to effectively organize and analyze your data to troubleshoot bad batches? Multivariate analytics will quickly deliver insights that can increase batch quality, yield and throughput. Manufacturers have already realized 10 percent increase in production and 50 percent reduction in quality variability through the use of such tools. Download this paper now to learn how to get truly meaningful insights from your batch process data for optimal plant performance.

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Maximize Mining Equipment Effectiveness, Minimize Margin Loss

Mining companies invest heavily in equipment for all stages of mining, mineral processing, refining and distribution. By monitoring asset condition and behavior and developing profiles of normal operations, anomalies and failures, predictive maintenance tools can notify staff of equipment problems prior to failure. This paper outlines how predictive maintenance provides mining organizations the intelligence needed to:

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Maximice la efectividad de sus equipos mineros y minimice las pérdidas de beneficios

Las compañías mineras invierten fuertemente en activos para todas las etapas del proceso minero: extracción, procesamiento, refinería y distribución del mineral. Al monitorear la condición y el comportamiento de los activos y desarrollar perfiles de operaciones normales, anomalías y fallas, las herramientas de mantenimiento predictivo pueden notificar al personal sobre los problemas del equipo antes de que ocurra falla. Este documento describe cómo el mantenimiento predictivo proporciona a las organizaciones mineras la inteligencia necesaria para:

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従来の対処的メンテナンスだけでは、不測の事態に対応できません。手軽な機械学習による資産パフォーマンス管理(APM) により、今や製造工場のスタッフが、何十年にもわたって蓄積してきた設計や運用データから容易に価値を引き出し、資産(主に装置などのハードウェア)のパフォーマンスをより適切に管理して最適化することが可能になりました。本書では、常識を覆すような画期的なテクノロジーがどのように精密な故障パターン認識を使い、高精度に装置の故障を数ヶ月も前に予測し、処方的なメンテナンスをガイダンスするかを説明しています。また、5つのベストプラクティス(運用方法)をご紹介し、最先端の信頼性管理による、さらなる生産効率および利益率の改善手法について述べています。

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