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Webinar with Emerson: Smart Decision-Making in Complex Operations with Enterprise Reliability Solution

As today’s operations grow in complexity, they can experience equally complex problems that threaten performance—but how can you quickly identify and resolve issues while keeping an eye on profitability?


The Role of Asset Performance Management in the Energy Sector (Part 2)

The World Refining Association (WRA) continues its discussion with Don Busiek, SVP of Asset Performance Management at AspenTech. They delve into the current talent recruitment challenges faced by the Energy industry and explore the role of digitalization in addressing this issue.


The Role of Asset Performance Management in the Energy Sector (Part 1)

The World Refining Association (WRA) spoke with Don Busiek, SVP of Asset Performance Management at AspenTech, about how asset performance management solutions can help companies achieve their digitalization and sustainability goals.

Case Study

Argentina’s Largest Oil and Gas Company Improves Reliability and Efficiency with Aspen Mtell®

YPF, Argentina’s largest oil and gas company, partnered with AspenTech to digitally transform their operations, aiming to quadruple their value by becoming a crude oil and LNG exporter while enhancing refinery efficiency.

Case Study

Prescriptive Maintenance Solution Delivers Earlier, More Accurate Warning of Asset Failure for Integrated O&G Company

Discover how an integrated oil and gas company partnered with AspenTech in their digital transformation journey to address challenges within their most crucial oil and gas central processing fields.


Eliminating the Surprise of Unplanned Downtime

To remain agile, competitive and profitable long term, mine operators must focus on the critical need to integrate digital capabilities into their operations as much—and as quickly—as possible. Digitalization can help boost performance for companies across the metals and mining value chain.

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Webinar with Verdantix: Break Down Asset Data Silos with a Single Source of Truth

As asset-intensive companies grapple with the increased complexity of maintaining reliable, high performing equipment, the challenge grows exponentially when critical asset data—maintenance records, sensor data, historical information, etc.—is siloed across various systems, departments and formats.


Enhancing Performance Monitoring and Energy Efficiency with Aspen Mtell®

Watch this video demonstration to learn more about how Aspen Mtell can help you enhance performance monitoring and energy efficiency.


Competency Programs to Maximize Value of AspenTech® Digital Solutions

Learn how AspenTech University can help organizations to navigate challenges and compete at the highest level with our end-to-end competency development curriculum. AspenTech University offers flexible, expert-led classes that teach the in-depth knowledge and skills required to fully apply AspenTech solutions. Learn by solving real-world problems through hands-on exercises.

On-Demand Webinar

Improve Operational Excellence and Safety With Predictive Asset Maintenance

Electric and gas utilities are facing new levels of complexity due to the transformation of supply and demand dynamics, leading to significant asset growth—while they also manage increased performance expectations. In this context, any asset downtime or unplanned maintenance can lead to safety risks and costly service interruptions.

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