Midstream and LNG

AspenTech's end-to-end solution for engineering, operational analytics and control of midstream facilities optimizes gas processing yields and reduces OPEX.


Ecopetrol Selects Aspen GDOT to Improve Margins & Navigate the Dual Challenge

As energy companies strive to continually improve margins they must also contend with the need to reduce emissions as part of the industry-wide dual challenge—meeting the demand for resources from a growing population with increasing standards of living, while also addressing sustainability goals. Digitalization plays a key role in meeting this challenge. Watch this video where Ecopetrol discusses how Aspen GDOT can help accelerate customers’ digital transformation initiatives, improve refining margins & meet sustainability goals.


AspenTech Dynamic Optimization Technology Recognized for Achievements in Refining

The award recognized the AspenTech's successful track record of nearly two decades delivering significant improvements in margin and energy efficiency through its innovative closed loop, multi-unit dynamic optimization technology.




Whats New

Accelerate your digitalization journey to improve sustainability while maximizing profitability through operational excellence. Harness the AI technology and innovations needed to address the dual challenge.

Production Optimization for Refining

Production Optimization from AspenTech helps refineries and petrochemical plants reduce emissions and increase profit margins.

Production Optimization for Olefins

Production Optimization from AspenTech helps olefins and integrated refinery/petrochemical sites increase profit margins while meeting sustainability targets.

Production Optimization for Commodity Polymers

Optimize production rates, yield and quality by modeling polymerization process using proven, market-leading process optimization technology


The Time for Hydrogen is Now

"From the moment I entered the exhibition hall, I could feel the excitement and the importance of the event."

On Demand Webinar

APC and Optimization on Utilities Networks

Oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical companies face the dual challenge of maximizing profitability while achieving aggressive decarbonization objectives for 2030 and beyond.

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