Enhancing Performance Monitoring and Energy Efficiency with Aspen Mtell®

Watch this video demonstration to learn more about how Aspen Mtell can help you enhance performance monitoring and energy efficiency.

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Join AspenTech at CCUS 2024

Visit us at Booth #302! AspenTech solutions maximize performance and energy security while advancing decarbonization initiatives with industrial AI and digital solutions. Our solutions streamline exploration and production, advance operational excellence, maintain asset integrity and enable new energy pathways and business models.

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Understanding Porosity-Permeability Relationships in Rock Type Classification and Flow Unit Identification

The relationship between porosity and permeability is a key component of reservoir characterization when trying to maximize hydrocarbon recovery. Traditionally, regression relationships are used to extrapolate permeability from wireline data, but this doesn’t accurately model permeability for all reservoir rocks due to variances in permeability and the presence of multiple rock types.

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Improve Safety, Operability and Controllability of Plant Operations with Dynamic Process Simulation

Setting up analyses to study transient process conditions is cumbersome, even for the most experienced engineers in the process industry.

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Overcoming Midstream Measurement Data Challenges

As midstream companies continue to struggle gathering and understanding measurement data from disparate sources to make more informed decisions, new innovations in industrial data management are providing a simpler, smarter approach.

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Scale Up the Hydrogen Economy—Faster and Safer—Digitally

To effectively scale the hydrogen economy to meet ambitious decarbonization goals by 2035, companies must accelerate innovation, increase production and reduce risk. A “born digital” strategy is essential—from project inception across the entire process and asset lifecycle.

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Break Down Asset Data Silos with a Single Source of Truth

As asset-intensive companies grapple with the increased complexity of maintaining reliable, high performing equipment, the challenge grows exponentially when critical asset data—maintenance records, sensor data, historical information, etc.—is siloed across various systems, departments and formats.


Competency Programs to Maximize Value of AspenTech® Digital Solutions

Learn how AspenTech University can help organizations to navigate challenges and compete at the highest level with our end-to-end competency development curriculum. AspenTech University offers flexible, expert-led classes that teach the in-depth knowledge and skills required to fully apply AspenTech solutions. Learn by solving real-world problems through hands-on exercises.

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Estimating Electrolyzers Using Equipment Model Libraries in Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™ (ACCE)

As the world races to achieve sustainability goals, capital projects are critical to ensure a green future, just as electrolyzers are vital to hydrogen production and accelerating decarbonization efforts.


Aspen Mtell® Brochure

Aspen Mtell uses data-driven predictive maintenance technology to deliver the earliest, most accurate warning of equipment failures. It empowers organizations to take a proactive approach, minimizing disruptions, ensuring a safer work environment, and delivering a rapid return on investment for diverse industries.

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