Executive Podcast Series: Powering the Future of Oil and Gas - Electrification, Renewables and Microgrids

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Sally Jacquemin, Vice President and General Manager, Power and Utilities, Aspen Technology, and Ron Beck, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Aspen Technology, to discuss electrification in the oil, gas and processing industries, including the use of renewables and microgrids.

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How a Major Refinery Improves Reactor Operations with Molecule-based Simulation

Reactor operations have a huge impact on product yield and quality, as well as on energy consumption. Getting accurate insights into operations can significantly improve the profitability and sustainability of a refinery.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Connected Assets with Industrial Data Management Strategies

In today's industrial landscape, the ability to leverage data for safety and reliable plant maintenance is critical. But with so much industrial data from disparate sources, it’s difficult to gain the insights you need to achieve your operational goals.


Revolutionizing Industrial Operations Through Cloud-Enabled Prescriptive Maintenance

In this episode of the Energy Transition Solutions podcast, which looks at the energy challenges of modern life and the innovators finding solutions, host Joe Batir talks with experts from AspenTech and AWS Energy.

Aspen OptiRouter

Design hundreds of pipes in minutes with the leading AI driven 3D auto-router inside your preferred detail design platform.

Case Study

Reservoir Modeling and Production Solutions Help Reduce Exploration Costs by Up to 20%

A major operator providing oil and gas exploration and extraction services in the Caspian Sea region deployed an ensemble simulation workflow utilizing the Aspen Big Loop technology to perform uncertainty and risk estimation as part of the project feasibility assessment, with Aspen Tempest as an orchestrator.

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From Design to Operations—Optimize CAPEX, Reduce Risk and Maximize Performance

The design and debottleneck of plants often require multiple iterations of engineering and capital expenditure (CAPEX) analysis. No matter how well an asset is designed, once operational, new variables come into play allowing for further optimization opportunities to arise. The handoffs between design, construction and operations bring new wrinkles to the entire system. What may seem like an inconsequential decision in one area may have a significant impact in another.

Technical Paper

A Bayesian Optimization Workflow for Field Development Planning Under Geological Uncertainty

Field development planning using reservoir models is a key step in the field development process. Numerical optimization of specific field development strategies is often used to aid planning, and Bayesian Optimization is a popular optimization method that has been applied in the past.

Technical Paper

Drilling Simulation and Risk Assessment of the IDDP-2 Geothermal Well in Iceland

The Reykjanes reservoir, lying in a volcanic environment in Iceland, is assumed to contain supercritical fluids, whose energy content is about ten times higher than conventional geothermal systems. Drilling a well in this environment has to cope with very high temperature and pressure as well as an intensely fractured subsurface. A detailed well design can help minimize the likelihood of drilling and completion problems that could compromise the success of the project.

Technical Paper

Mitigation of Geothermal Induced Seismicity Through Data Integration and 3D Geomodeling in a Cloud-Hosted Environment

Geothermal energy is a key resource for providing clean, reliable and sustainable energy. Induced seismicity events, with magnitudes large enough to be felt by local communities and impact surface infrastructures, are an undesirable potential result of geothermal operations, and significantly impact social acceptance. Mitigating adverse effects is of upmost importance if one wishes to increase the number of safe, sustainable geothermal projects.

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