Executive Brief

Digitalization Strategies to Gain Leadership in Sustainability

These are challenging times for industrial companies as the world requires more energy but with a much lower carbon footprint. This dual challenge—meeting today’s demands sustainability for tomorrow—is pushing industry leaders to develop new strategies and solutions that will transform the global economy. Technology in support of digitalization will play a key role in how industries respond.

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Make Hydrogen a Viable, Practical Energy Solution with Digitalization

As the hydrogen economy continues to gain momentum, organizations are looking for faster, more efficient ways to design and deploy hydrogen projects. Growing pressure to meet sustainability targets is only increasing the demand to make these initiatives both viable and profitable.


Sustainability Pathways – Helping Companies Address the Dual Challenge

AspenTech has created structured solutions packages – known as Sustainability Pathways – designed to help companies strategically meet sustainability targets across 11 of the most impactful areas.

Case Study

Petro Rabigh Uses Aspen Hybrid Models™ to Improve Margin and Reduce Operational Risk

Petro Rabigh wanted to improve margins for refinery products, to do so, they needed to identify the most optimal production yields and qualities of their refinery and petrochemical products.


Ecopetrol Selects Aspen GDOT to Improve Margins & Navigate the Dual Challenge

As energy companies strive to continually improve margins they must also contend with the need to reduce emissions as part of the industry-wide dual challenge—meeting the demand for resources from a growing population with increasing standards of living, while also addressing sustainability goals. Digitalization plays a key role in meeting this challenge. Watch this video where Ecopetrol discusses how Aspen GDOT can help accelerate customers’ digital transformation initiatives, improve refining margins & meet sustainability goals.

Case Study

Aspen Geolog Facimage™ Reveals High-Productivity Areas in an Unconventional Reservoir

This was one of the first unconventional hydrocarbon plays undertaken by a major operator in the thick stratigraphic interval of the Montney Formation, Altares area in Northern British Colombia.

Case Study

A Leading Chemical Company Boosts Revenue and Equipment Reliability with Scalable Prescriptive Maintenance

A leading chemical company with a competitive business portfolio was looking for a scalable prescriptive maintenance solution that could be deployed quickly. Aspen Mtell® has enabled them to avoid environmental health and safety issues, and also minimize their losses.


Solution Demonstration: How to Accelerate Feasibility & Delivery of Capital Projects

This video showcases the streamlined workflow enabled by AspenTech Concurrent Engineering applied to a carbon capture project. The workflow enables the creation of state-of-the-art process simulation, equipment design, economic analysis, conceptual 3D layout generation, reliability analysis for equipment redundancy and data centric FEED deliverables. Through this demonstration, you will learn how to benefit from seamless data sharing across disciplines, increasing efficiency, minimizing estimation uncertainties and ensuring consistency in deliverables during project execution.


Win the Game with Early Alerts – There's No Time to Lose

Digitalization, IIoT and Industry/Industrie 4.0 are essential to provide a platform for businesses to respond to industry changes. What does that mean?

White Paper

Decarbonization Investment: Opportunities and Implications for EPCs

As sustainability targets drive the energy industry towards a net zero future and energy security concerns intensify, companies are challenged to meet these competing demands within financial and workforce restraints. Owners and EPCs must cater to short-term energy demands while simultaneously positioning themselves for the long-term energy transition projects gaining traction.

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