Strategies to Manage Asset Performance

To achieve operational excellence, process manufacturers must quickly and systematically address the root causes of asset reliability problems, which include inadequate operating procedures, poor design, and improper scheduling of production.


When Lightning Strikes Twice

After an electrical storm stopped gas production at one of its plants, SABIC executives and reliability engineers turned to Aspen Fidelis Reliability to calculate the probability of it—or a similarly debilitating event—happening again. Read this article from Plant Services to learn more.


HP Article: When Digital Transformation Hits all Four Sustainability Buckets

Sustainability is emerging as a critical business topic, as companies focus resources toward lowering emissions, waste and energy use in their production process. In this article, Paige Morse, Chemicals Industry Marketing Director, shares how sustainability affects four key areas within a processing plant and how digital transformation supports sustainability efforts through efficiency improvements.


On the Road to Digital

This article, featured in The Chemical Engineer, discusses why operators often struggle to know where to begin to digitally transform. AspenTech's Paige Morse outlines how many operations, particularly in specialties, have become increasingly complex as customers demand higher levels of performance and quality and a greater range of options from producers. Operators realize they need to diversify product lines to meet these increasingly sophisticated needs. Download this article to learn more.


Improve Refinery Margins Using a Refinery-wide Process Model

See how you can use Aspen Technology solutions to develop a refinery wide process model that would enable refinery process engineers to evaluate the economic impact of operational changes and help planners achieve a more accurate assessment of profit margins.

FAQ Document

Top 10 Questions Answered to Help Maximize Model Accuracy Using Historical Plant Data

This valuable resource provides additional insights from our technical experts on how users can use historical plant data to maximize model accuracy.

Case Study

Shell Accelerates Planning, Improves Margins with Aspen PIMS-AO™ in the AWS Cloud

Shell Oil Company is a global energy and petrochemicals company that produces natural gas, gasoline, oil, and many bulk and specialty chemical products for customers worldwide. Read this case study to learn how Shell’s Manufacturing Margin Optimization team uses AspenTech solutions and AWS Cloud to optimize its energy and petrochemicals business, including planning and scheduling applications.

On Demand Webinar

Evaluating Hydrogen’s Opportunity, Economics and Risk—Digitally

The hydrogen economy continues to be top of mind for energy and chemical companies, but what’s the best end-to-end approach? What are the risks and the opportunities as industry leaders invest in sustainability initiatives. In this on-demand webinar experts discuss digital, system-wide risk modeling that provides valuable insights into green and blue hydrogen, carbon capture, renewable power sources, transport and storage of hydrogen, the overall impact on the value chain and more.

Aspen Cloud Connect

Providing a holistic view of the entire plant using the cloud – and no data is left behind.

Live Webinar

Track Emissions, Manage Compliance Sitewide with Digital Twins

Chemical and energy companies continue to look for an edge to achieve their critical sustainability goals. Advancements in online digital twin technology now provide valuable, real-time insights to help you further reduce emissions and ensure regulatory compliance across your entire site.

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