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Carbon Circle’s Approach to Scaling Up Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Join experts from Carbon Circle, an EPC specialist in carbon removal and energy transition solutions, to hear how they are improving the economics, execution and scale-up of their projects—including energy-from-waste (EfW) with integrated CCS.

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Optimize Designs for Sustainability Projects with Concurrent Engineering

Delivering energy transition projects on time and on budget requires tight collaboration across multiple disciplines to synchronize various deliverables.

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Streamlining Data with Microsoft Fabric and AspenTech Inmation™

What if you could accelerate your data ingest and transform it with a unified data analytics solution that connects it all?

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Webinar with Chemical Engineering: Accelerate Process and Product Development with Advanced Simulation

In the fast-paced world of specialty chemicals and polymers, rapid design and development are critical to stay ahead. Process simulation technology has evolved to streamline these processes, delivering accelerated product launches and efficient scale-ups.

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Data For All: Unlocking Industrial Value In The Cloud

As companies like yours look to embrace AI and unlock the value of your data, you are probably challenged with data collection, integration and access across legacy systems. Join this webinar to learn how you can integrate industrial data from diverse sources, including Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Webinar with Shell: Implementing Aspen Unified Planning and Scheduling

Shell recently completed a pilot evaluation of Aspen Unified Planning™ (AUP) and Aspen Unified Scheduling™ (AUS) at the Pernis and Moerdijk manufacturing complexes. The objective of the project was to simplify and streamline the deployment of newer software versions to enhance the efficiency and usability of its planning and scheduling tools. Integration between planning and scheduling was also a key focus.

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Webinar with ConocoPhillips: Forecasting Reliability and Asset Operational Impact with Risk Analysis Solution

In today's rapidly evolving industries with ever-changing dynamics, maintaining operational efficiency and reliability is crucial. Digitalization offers insights into facility capacities and capabilities across varying scenarios—short and long term. By understanding the potential effects of equipment downtime or changes in production plans, organizations can proactively manage risks and optimize resource allocation.

White Paper

Improve Production Performance with Adaptive Process Control Technology

Due to demands of production, evolving regulations, need to advance sustainability goals and a widening skills gap, organizations are implementing adaptive process control capabilities.

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AspenTech Strategic Planning for Sustainability Pathways™

Developing a strategic plan to achieve net-zero goals for asset-intensive industries can be a complex and challenging exercise. AspenTech Strategic Planning for Sustainability Pathways assists teams in developing an effective, long-term decarbonization strategy through the screening of multiple technologies while optimizing the balance between financial objectives and net-zero targets.

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