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AspenTech's Aspen GDOT solution allows you to improve margins and make plants more capable using advanced closed-loop dynamic optimization in real-time.

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A Proven History of Innovation in Advanced Process Control and Beyond

Energy and chemical companies face increasingly volatile and uncertain operating environments, shifts in workforce demographics and the dual challenge of maximizing business performance while meeting sustainability goals. Innovations in technology successfully address these challenges through adaptive capabilities and industrial AI.

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Using Digital Twins to Build More Accurate Inferentials for Improved Process Control

Advanced process control (APC) applications require accurate inputs for stream qualities, including product compositions and distillation curve points. While online analyzers are effective in supporting model predictive controllers, they are expensive and often unavailable for important process streams. There is a more cost-effective approach for building virtual analyzers or inferentials to accurately estimate stream qualities and it starts with digital twins

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Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with Industrial AI. We embed AI into our most widely adopted, industry-leading products and solutions, and empower data scientists to collaborate with domain experts to enrich models.


Aspen GDOT™ for Olefins

Close the gap between planning and actual operations with Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology (GDOT). Aspen GDOT™ aligns planning and scheduling objectives by dynamically optimizing and coordinating multiple process units in real time to ensure the best site-wide economic results, consistently and on a minute by minute basis. Download this brochure to discover how companies are minimizing product giveaway, increasing throughput, improving yields and much more!

Live Webinar

Track and Reduce Carbon with Unified Planning, Scheduling and Execution

Refiners and olefins producers continue to look for innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions. New innovations now enable companies to meet emission targets and still ensure profitable operations. Join our experts for a timely discussion on how Production Optimization in Aspen Unified™ can be used to predict and optimize the tradeoff between emissions and profits.

Case Study

Refinería en Reino Unido incrementa producción de destilados medios con Aspen GDOT™

Descargue este caso de estudio para conocer cómo una refinería en el Reino Unido utilizó Aspen GDOT para incrementar su producción de destilados medios en un 10%. La tecnología de lazo cerrado se ajusta automáticamente a múltiples unidades de proceso con base en condiciones cambiantes para mantener la consistencia del producto y mejorar el desempeño global de la refinería. Descubra cómo puede hacer que sus operaciones sean más rentables al utilizar Aspen GDOT.

Case Study

Refinería optimiza tren de destilados medios en tiempo real con Aspen GDOT™

Aprenda cómo una de las compañías de energía multinacionales más grandes del mundo uso Aspen GDOT en una de sus refinerías para maximizar la producción de diésel especifico y de jet. Al usar optimización en tiempo real a través múltiples unidades de APC, la refinería fue capaz de reducir en un 70% el regalo de azufre. Descargue este caso de estudio para conocer cómo puede optimizar su producción y reducir el regalo de calidad de su producto.

Case Study

UK Refinery Increases Middle Distillate Production with Aspen GDOT™

Download this case study to learn how a refinery in the UK used Aspen GDOT to increase middle distillate production by 10%. The closed loop optimization technology, adjusts multiple process units in real-time to maintain product consistency and improve overall refinery performance. Discover how you can drive more profitable operations with Aspen GDOT.

Case Study

Refinery Optimizes Middle Distillate System in Real Time with Aspen GDOT™

Learn how one of world’s largest multinational energy companies used Aspen GDOT to maximize production of specific diesel and jet fuel products at one of its refineries. By using real-time optimization across multiple APC units, the refinery was able to decrease sulfur giveaway by 70%. Download this case study to learn how you can optimize production and reduce product giveaway.

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