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Achieve Sustainable Gas Exploration and Production to Advance Energy Security

Natural gas remains a readily available, low-carbon feedstock, providing a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. traditional liquid hydrocarbons. However, it’s critical to optimize operations across your asset's lifecycle to offset threats of sustainability and energy security.


Virtual Flow Metering (VFM): Aspen METTE™

Download this data sheet for information on Aspen METTE Virtual Flow Metering (VFM), a powerful, web-based application that analyzes real-time sensor measurements to estimate the flow of oil, gas and water.

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Make Hydrogen a Viable, Practical Energy Solution with Digitalization

As the hydrogen economy continues to gain momentum, organizations are looking for faster, more efficient ways to design and deploy hydrogen projects. Growing pressure to meet sustainability targets is only increasing the demand to make these initiatives both viable and profitable.

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Webinar with Plant Services: How to Scale and Optimize Your Plant with Evolving APM

The Asset Performance Management (APM) space is evolving rapidly, and a key challenge for many plant teams is scaling and integrating APM solutions across their enterprise. IT and OT convergence also continue to drive the need for innovation.


Multilevel Composition: A New Method for Revealing Complex Geological Features in Three-Dimensional Seismic Reflection Data

Unraveling the huge amount of information contained in seismic reflection images is the main goal of seismic interpretation. In recent years, seismic interpretation capabilities have seen remarkable improvements, many of which are due to the development of a wide range of volumetric seismic attributes.


Full-Azimuth Differential Seismic Facies Analysis for Predicting Oil-Saturated Fractured Reservoirs

This work presents a novel technology for azimuth-dependent facies analysis (Facies Analysis versus Azimuth – FACIVAZ) to improve the prediction of hydrocarbon-saturated permeable fractures in terrigenous carbonate reservoirs. The analysis is performed in the depth domain along high-resolution, full-azimuth, angle domain common image gathers created by the Aspen EarthStudy 360™ imaging system.


Aspen Big Loop

Aspen Big Loop™ is an open ecosystem for setting up automated, reproducible and auditable subsurface workflows. The workflows help propagate uncertainties and capture their dependencies while calibrating reservoir models to observed data. The result is reliable probabilistic predictions.

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5 Ways Asset Templates Accelerate Your Aspen Mtell Implementation

The asset templates within Aspen Mtell enable companies to easily and quickly scale and deploy prescriptive maintenance solutions. Using pre-populated templates, you can set up sensor groups and quickly identify specific asset issues.

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On-Demand Webinar: Adapt to New Operating Conditions with AspenTech's Industry Leading APC Technology

Significant changes in market demand are requiring many companies to make sharp load and product mix adjustments while operating with remote staff. Now more than ever, process plants need robust and adaptive process control technology to allow for safe, agile management of changing conditions. Join AspenTech experts to learn how Aspen DMC3 enables you to:

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APAC Webinar (English): Achieve Dynamic Optimization and Sustainable Operations with Aspen GDOT™

Refiners and chemical manufacturers continue to struggle with margin leakage due to gaps between planning and operations. Innovations in modelling and optimization technology now enable you to coordinate and optimize multiple process units in real time to ensure the best site-wide economic benefits—and do it on a consistent, minute-by-minute basis.

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