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AspenTech's Aspen Mtell maintenance software stops machines from failing, increases performance, reduces maintenance costs, and increases production.

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Digitalize Batch Execution and Records With Aspen Production Execution Manager™

How are you keeping up with growing demand? Digitalize batch execution and records with Aspen Production Execution Manager™ to accelerate time-to-market with accuracy while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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GSK Creates a Future-Ready Supply Chain with Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) implemented Aspen Mtell® to increase the robustness of their pharma supply chains by preventing unplanned production downtime.


Eliminating Equipment Downtime and Driving Process Improvements

Imagine a scenario where everyone involved in a process agrees on the best course of action based on facts vs. assumptions. Unlock the benefits of multivariate analytics with AspenTech APM solutions.


APM and Industrial AI Bring Untapped Value to Food and Beverage Manufacturing

APM technology, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and AI play a large role for the food and beverage processing industry, driving positive results and sustained growth.

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4 Steps to Optimize Outcomes Across Your Pharma Value Chain Network

The pandemic heightened the need for agility and resiliency within the supply chain. Speed to market remains a top business imperative as we move into the next normal for pharma.

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The Untold Benefits of a Digital Maintenance Strategy for Pharma

Increasingly, the conventional ways of maintaining pharmaceutical equipment call for a digital alternative. Non-wear-based failures such as operating excursion and changes in operation plans make up to 80% of equipment failures. By embracing Pharma 4.0—including today’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance technologies—you can mitigate unplanned downtime, improving production and accelerating your critical time-to-market goals.

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Artificial Intelligence can Elevate Pharma Manufacturing

Unnecessary downtime can be expensive for pharmaceutical manufacturing operations; unplanned stoppages can delay the delivery of much needed product, potentially causing damage to a company's reputation.

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Understanding the Story Behind the Data

There is a challenge for many refinery and chemical companies to impove the analysis proess and raise performance. The inside story of operational intelligence lies in rich thin visualization and analytics capabilities that improve production execution, enabling process manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.

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