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Accelerate Projects with Data-Centric Engineering

The successful execution of engineering projects requires intense collaboration among multi-discipline teams, but manual data handoffs often lead to errors, inconsistencies and delays that can derail a project.

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Register today for the premier global event (April 29–May 3 in Houston, TX) for AspenTech customers, including users, operational leaders and executives within asset-intensive industries who are looking to elevate their business performance, improve their resiliency and meet their sustainability targets.


Aspen Economic Evaluation 제품군

Aspen Economic Evaluation 제품군은 공정 자산의 수명주기 전반에 걸쳐 신속하고 정확한 원가산정과 프로젝트 수행을 위한 통합 솔루션을 제공합니다.

Case Study

LG Chem Significantly Increases Plant Capacity and Reduces Energy Usage

LG Chem increases capacity by 15% and saves energy through heat integration using Aspen Plus®, Aspen Energy Analyzer™ and Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating™.

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Improve Product Quality with Solids Process Models

Accurately modeling the solids section of a process is critical to product quality. Commonly, the solid and fluid sections of a process are modeled separately, making troubleshooting and optimizing inefficient and time-consuming. Additionally, solids are described by distributed properties rather than concentrated properties, which adds an extra level of complexity. These difficulties often lead to neglected or over-simplified solids modeling.

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Defining the Digital Twin

What is a digital twin and what does it do? Learn how digital twin technology provides important insight on system performance enabling companies to optimize operations and reduce costs by maximizing uptime with real-time recommendations.


Aspen Economic Evaluation Family

Aspen Economic Evaluation provides an integrated estimation solution for effective management of projects across the entire lifecycle.

Case Study

Petro Rabigh Uses Aspen Hybrid Models™ to Improve Margin and Reduce Operational Risk

Petro Rabigh wanted to improve margins for refinery products, to do so, they needed to identify the most optimal production yields and qualities of their refinery and petrochemical products.

White Paper

Decarbonization Investment: Opportunities and Implications for EPCs

As sustainability targets drive the energy industry towards a net zero future and energy security concerns intensify, companies are challenged to meet these competing demands within financial and workforce restraints. Owners and EPCs must cater to short-term energy demands while simultaneously positioning themselves for the long-term energy transition projects gaining traction.


Exporting Layout Data from OptiPlant 3D to Aveva E3D

Project execution becomes faster and more reliable through automatic flow of data across the lifecycle. Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout benefits project execution by automating the hand off of conceptual layout results to detailed design tools such as Aveva E3D. Equipment, structures and piping lines modeled in OptiPlant are exported as native E3D objects, allowing you to continue updating and improving the layout.

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