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A Front-End Digital Twin: What a Concept! Visualizing Design, Execution and Cost

This presentation by ExxonMobil from OPTIMIZE 2021™ reviews their progress on the quest to enable “integrative design” where the elements of engineering, execution and cost are considered in a holistic environment by the project concept team.

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AI in APC: Deep Learning for Aspen DMC3™

In changing, volatile times, process manufacturers must find new ways to manage demand, improve production and maximize margins. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are giving operators new insights to anticipate issues and make smarter, faster decisions.

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Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Digitalization

Industry leaders are looking for innovative ways to meet their sustainability goals. Hydrogen is a valuable resource that can help companies achieve carbon reduction and reduce energy costs. Download this white paper to learn how digital technology is an essential component in delivering the hydrogen economy and enabling you to:




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Beyond OPTIMIZE 21: New Insights in Performance Engineering

Extend your OPTIMIZE™ 21 experience with this free global virtual event, focused on Performance Engineering. Join your industry peers as they share best practices. In addition, AspenTech experts will discuss innovations in aspenONE® V12.1, product strategy and vision for Performance Engineering, including views on significantly expanding value creation and lowering your total cost of ownership from modeling across the entire asset lifecycle.

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Improve Bidding and Design Outcomes with Concurrent FEED

As digitalization initiatives sweep through engineering departments at both EPC and Owner companies, executives are striving to better connect their design, engineering and estimating workflows. With improved design outcomes and more accurate and timely estimating on the line, the clock is ticking to deliver results from these initiatives.

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Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with Industrial AI. We embed AI into our most widely adopted, industry-leading products and solutions, and empower data scientists to collaborate with domain experts to enrich models.

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Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy

Sustainability remains top-of-mind for most executives as they work to balance environmental concerns with business performance. Digital solutions have emerged as a key enabler to help companies make progress toward their sustainability goals.


Comprehensive Knowledge solutions designed to help companies overcome knowledge gaps and accelerate their ability to solve complex engineering and operational challenges.


Front-End Digital Twins Will Play a Major Role in Improving Project Outcomes

Learn why the development of digital twins for Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) provides better, faster and more efficient ways to approach plant design.

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