Catalyst for Change - AI is Leading the Construction Industry Through Digital Transformation

The construction industry had been slow to digitalize. The pandemic and growing need to find digital ways of communicating to bring together dispersed project teams and enable them to collaborate has changed all that. Construction firms that will succeed will be those that embrace advanced technology and the latest AI tools that drive operational efficiencies across the end-to-end value chain.

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Digital Excellence for Engineering Design - Seamless Integration between Aspen Basic Engineering™ & Intergraph Smart P&ID

This video demonstrates how AspenTech and Hexagon have brought together the two worlds of process engineering and detailed engineering by integrating the world’s leading conceptual and detailed design tools. The seamless data transfer from Aspen Basic Engineering™ to Smart P&ID accelerates project deliverables by enabling reuse of data, eliminating manual transcription and data inspection while fosters collaboration between various disciplines.

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Lograr mejores resultados de diseño y sustentabilidad con Concurrent Engineering

Los datos generados durante el diseño conceptual y FEED se están volviendo cada vez más importantes desde un punto de vista estratégico. Desde la comprensión de las emisiones y el uso de energía hasta una comprensión más completa del diseño y los costos del proyecto, los propietarios y sus empresas de ingeniería están poniendo más énfasis en la comprensión temprana de las opciones de diseño. Pero con la complejidad de los proyectos de diseño, el desarrollo de información que es tan importante a menudo puede ser lento, ineficiente y propenso a errores. Lo que se necesita es un proceso colaborativo más integral, respaldado por herramientas digitales que ayuden a fomentar una creciente sabiduría colectiva sobre el proyecto, a través de disciplinas y partes.

The Self-Optimizing Plant

In today’s VUCA environment, organizations are turning to digitalization and Industrial AI to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous processes that enable new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. Learn how Self-Optimizing Plants will enable companies: to empower next-generation workers to focus on the highest-value activities; improve safety and reliability with predictive maintenance to mitigate future events; maximize performance of plant operations by running closer to asset limits and optimizing utilization; and achieve sustainability goals by reducing energy use and avoiding conditions that cause emissions.

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Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent Engineering

The data generated during conceptual design and FEED are quickly becoming more strategically important. From understanding emissions and energy use to a more comprehensive understanding of layout and project costs, owners and their engineering firms are placing more emphasis on early understanding of design choices. But with complexity of the design projects, the development of such important information can often be slow, inefficient and prone to errors. What’s needed is a more comprehensive, collaborative process, supported by digital tools that help foster a growing, collective wisdom about the project, across disciplines, and parties.


Showcasing Egypt's Role in the Vanguard of Sustainable Energy

This year’s EGYPS show was successful for AspenTech specifically and for the industry more broadly. It bears witness to the leading role Egypt is playing both in digitalizing its energy sectors and in making them more sustainable.

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Fast Tracking Engineering Project Execution Through Aspen Basic Engineering™ (ABE)

This presentation by EniProgetti from OPTIMIZE 2021™ reviews their experienced benefits with digitization of design through the use of automation. ENI implements Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE) across multiple sites and work functions adopting a “single source of truth” model to address the collaboration and productivity challenges commonly faced by EPCs. Learn how data centralization and digitalization are keys to reduce rework caused by manual data handling and achieve seamless project execution, highest quality deliverables at reduced design costs to win every project bid.


Svante Wold and Chemometrics

A tribute to Svante Wold – a driving force in the initiation, development and practical applications of chemometrics.

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AspenTechのパフォーマンスエンジニアリングソリューションは、エンジニアリングの生産性とコラボレーションの向上をサポートします。 このホワイトペーパーでは、同時プロセスエンジニアリングとライフサイクルプロジェクトの経済性を活用して、入札、プロジェクトの実行、およびデジタルプロジェクトデータの顧客への引き渡しをより機敏にする方法をご紹介します。

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