Case Study

Cabot Improves Quality by 30% and Reduces Variability with Global Manufacturing Execution System

Cabot standardized on Aspen InfoPlus.21 across all manufacturing sites, improving product quality by 30% and reducing product variability by 20%.

Case Study

Dairy Producer Glanbia Increases OEE and Throughput with Real-Time Performance Management

Glanbia Food Ingredients implements AspenTech MES solutions to increase annual savings and boost product yield while reducing energy consumption.

Case Study

Leaks in Reboiler Detected With Months of Advance Notice

Learn how a manufacturer of engineering thermoplastics discovered the root cause of recurring failures in their shell-and-tube reboilers using Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance.

Case Study

Global Supermajor Deploys Aspen PIMS-AO™ Globally

This case study details the methodical approach a global supermajor took to make the move and adopt Aspen PIMS-AO technology. Based on side-by-side testing of different technologies, PIMS-AO led to new insights, increased confidence in results and enhanced conversations with traders. Download this case study today to learn the lessons of a global supermajor from a senior technology advisor.

Case Study

Braskem Implements Aspen DMC3 to Deploy Controllers in Just Two Weeks and Immediately Accrues Benefits

Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, and the eighth-largest resin producer worldwide. Braskem used Adaptive Process Control within Aspen DMC3 to deploy controllers in just two weeks to start accruing benefits immediately. The benefits included lowered energy usage by 20%, increased production rates and reduced process variability. Download this case study today to learn more about the benefits Braskem realized by using Aspen DMC3 and discover how to achieve these benefits at your organization.

Case Study

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Finds Cause of Quench Oil High-Viscosity Issue

One of the world's largest chemical, plastic and refining companies used Aspen ProMV to understand and resolve production problems caused by an ongoing quench oil high-viscosity issue. In this case study, learn how Aspen ProMV enabled the company to highlight the top process variables highly correlated with viscosity issues, and quickly guided process engineers to the underlying issue to limit losses.

Case Study

Perstorp Develops KPI Production Portal to Focus Organization on Meeting Plant Production Targets

Large Specialty Chemical Company develops advanced KPI production partial portal tool using Aspen InfoPlus.21 tools, building upon their extensive Aspen InfoPlus.21 installation.

Micro Case Study

Micro Case Study: Borealis

A snapshot of the full Borealis case study by providing the problem, approach, solution and benefit at a high level.

Case Study

Shell Adopts Global Supply Chain Process to Increase Profitability and Drive an “Enterprise First” Strategy

After the company identified uncommon operating procedures at each of its many refineries — which led to inefficiencies and lower margins — Shell launched “Enterprise First,” an initiative designed to standardize processes and technology across the organization. The key to driving this strategy — and meeting its objectives — is an integrated aspenONE® Supply Chain Management solution that helps Shell optimize refinery production, reduce costs and increase margin.

Case Study

The Innovation Fast Track: Saving Time and Money in New Product Development

Learn how Qenos uses Aspen Plus® batch modeling to gain valuable insight into their processes, allowing them to respond to changing customer requirements with fewer plant trials and experiments.

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