Artificial Intelligence of Things

Build, deploy, and host industrial artificial intelligence applications at enterprise speed and scale for your business self-optimizing plant and shop floor.


How Capital-Intensive Organizations Across the Middle East Can Drive Sustainability

There are three key areas for businesses across MENA to drive sustainability: resource efficiencies, the energy transition and the circular economy. Rob Howard shares his POV.

Live Webinar

How to Connect AI-ready, Industrial Data with Amazon S3 and Aspen AIoT Hub

Today’s industrial organizations require both historical and real-time data for AI and analytics so that they can make decisions to keep the business running efficiently in a competitive marketplace.


A Planta Auto-Otimizada impulsionada pela Industrial AI

Entre na era da autonomia e dê os primeiros passos para a Planta Auto-Otimizada- uma operação de aprendizagem, Auto-ajustável e Auto-sustentável impulsionada pela Industrial AI que o ajudará a prosperar em qualquer condição de mercado. Assista a este vídeo para saber como você pode começar a realizar essa visão hoje.

Webinar with Capstone Mining: Avoid Unplanned Downtime with Prescriptive Maintenance

Listen as Steve Fiscor, Publisher & Editor of Engineering & Mining Journal and Mike Wickersham, General Manager, Pinto Valley Mine, Capstone Mining Corp., discuss the state of the industry and Capstone’s approach to prescriptive maintenance that helps eliminate unplanned downtime. Gain insights on:


The AspenTech APM Applications Portfolio

In his latest blog, our author gets down to the nitty-gritty and reviews the APM Portfolio applications that provide the means to achieve more profitable and scalable outcomes.


La Planta Auto-Optimizable impulsada por IA industrial

Ingrese a la era de la autonomía y dé los primeros pasos hacia la Planta Auto-Optimizable, una operación de autoaprendizaje, autoadaptativa y autosostenible impulsada por IA industrial que lo ayudará a prosperar en cualquier condición del mercado. Mire este video para aprender cómo puede comenzar a alcanzar esta visión hoy.

Case Study

Digital Supply Chain Helps FPCO Reduce Emissions and Waste, Meet Sustainability Goals

FP Corporation (FPCO) is Japan’s largest manufacturer of food containers and a logistics service provider delivering a range of products to stores engaged in food distribution. They needed to provide stable and responsive food distribution in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


How AI is Used to Achieve ESG Goals and the Circular Economy

In this episode of the ESG Decoded Podcast, Paige Morse, Industry Marketing Director at AspenTech, chats with Amanda Hsieh on the connective tissue between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sustainability. AI is a key driver in the achievement of ESG goals as it supports the software capability that can help improve operations and make processes safer for people and the environment. Paige also explains the concept of Industrial AI. ESG Decoded Podcast is powered by Global Affairs Associates.

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Webinar with ARC Advisory Group: How Industry Leaders Accelerate Scaling APM Across the Enterprise

Early returns from an ARC Advisory Group survey indicate 45% of respondents require 6 months or more to scale APM solutions across similar sites, while 54% can scale APM across different assets at the same site—but only with tremendous effort and resources. Today’s asset performance management (APM) solutions drive big increases in reliability and profitability, but how well can you scale those benefits across multiple assets, or even multiple sites? Join us to learn how some of today’s industry leaders are using AI and machine learning—combined with their existing data and resources—to overcome skillset or usability hurdles and rapidly scale APM solutions across their organizations.

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