Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at OPTIMIZE 2021

At OPTIMIZE 2021 there were two DE&I sessions. This blog captures takeaways from the events and reinforces our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.


OPTIMIZE 2021 APM Session Highlights

Our APM team curates highlights and insights from OPTIMIZE 2021 available on-demand.


How Does AspenTech APM Address Limitations of FMEA?

In part two, we discuss FMEA as a strategy component for optimizing asset performance and availability.


The Pharma Industry Needs a Cultural Shift to Achieve Industry 4.0

Pharmaceutical companies are struggling with what it means to be digitally transformed and how to reach Industry 4.0. Where to start? Company culture.


OPTIMIZE 2021 Supply Chain Management (SCM) Highlights

Our SCM team has curated highlights and insights from OPTIMIZE 2021 available on-demand.


So, What Exactly Does Industrial AI Mean?

We discussed Industrial AI at the recent OPTIMIZE 21 conference and people have asked what does it mean? So, here’s a treatise

Live Events

ACCE Houston User Group

During this ACCE User Group, Robin Williams of Marathon Petroleum will present how he uses Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) for Revamps and Brownfield projects. He’ll share tips and tricks for setting up your ACCE file (templates and more), working the scope data (unit cost library and more), conditioning the estimate (indexing, adjusting productivity) and much more. In addition, Naomi Enav, Sr. Product Manager at Aspen Technology, Inc., will provide an update on our collaboration with Hexagon and Dagmar Kusiak, Training Program Manager at Aspen Technology, Inc., will review the ACCE certification program.


Transform Operations with AI-Powered Hybrid Models

In a volatile, changing world, companies must rethink how they will compete and stay ahead. Advancements in AI and process simulation combined with deep domain expertise empower companies to do things faster, easier and smarter than ever before. View this video to learn how Aspen Hybrid Models™ integrate first principles-based process simulation models, AI and domain expertise to deliver comprehensive, accurate models more quickly without requiring significant expertise.

Camo Analytics

Camo Analytics Welcome


How Data Historians Have Evolved to Make Industrial Data Actionable

Industrial organizations are sitting on a decades-old, massive double-edged sword: their data. Until now.

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