The State of Artificial Intelligence in the Process Industries in 2019

AI remained a hot topic at OPTIMIZE 2019. Watch Lina Liberti discuss how process-heavy businesses are taking advantage of the technology.

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How Digitalization Helps EPCs Profit from the “Next Normal” in Engineering & Construction

According to a June 2020 McKinsey report, “The Next Normal in Construction,” EPCs have an opportunity to double their profitability by embracing a handful of “emerging disruptors.” One of these disruptors, digitalization of processes, is within reach of most EPCs and aligns with initiatives already underway at many firms. Join us to learn more about:


FEED Execution - Application Overview

Technology Licensors and Engineering and Construction firms seek to boost project agility, compress FEED activities, and hence shorten the overall design process producing higher quality projects. Aspen Basic Engineering propagates changes and automates deliverables decreasing FEED package preparation time and decreasing rework. Watch now to learn more/

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Optimize Your Operations and Gain Insights on Your Assets with Digital Twin Technology from AspenTech

What is a digital twin? Why is it an essential building block for your organization’s initiatives, such as sustainability, operational excellence and improved margins? Leading energy and chemical companies are leveraging digital twin technology to model the behavior and performance of assets to improve their bottom line. In this on-demand webinar AspenTech’s Market Strategy Director and industry expert Ron Beck shares how digital twin technology provides the following benefits:

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Pfizer Accelerates Process Design and Scale Up Using aspenONE® Engineering

Pfizer enhances new process development by coupling computational exercises with experiment planning, execution and revision. Learn how the visualization of process design can guide experimentation and expose new areas of manufacturing opportunity. Associate Research Fellow Eric Cordi will demonstrate technical capabilities to show how you can accelerate process design, facilitate collaboration and reduce the time to market for new products.

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LATAM Executive Forum: Dialogue with AspenTech’s CEO

Industrial organizations require greater agility and flexibility in their operations as they face unprecedented market volatility and complexity along with increasing expectations on safety, sustainability and return on capital.

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The Journey to the Smart Plant: Make IIoT a Profitable Reality

As companies leverage new technologies on their journey to becoming a smart enterprise, they can maximize existing assets and instrumentation with best practices. Join us to hear IIoT experts Keith Flynn, Aspen Technology and Kevin Nelson, Advantech, discuss how to ensure successful digital transformation projects and profitable results.

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Start up, Shut Down and Transition With Confidence: Aspen HYSYS® Dynamics for Safe Operations

Understanding the dynamic behavior of equipment and processes as a result operational changes and emergency scenarios can unlock opportunities to save CAPEX and OPEX — while also ensuring safe and controllable operations. Aspen HYSYS Dynamics, with its trusted accuracy and built-in workflows and templates, can enable you to prevent damage with reduced risk of compressor surge, design the controls to optimize column operability and much more!

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Rate, Design and Debottleneck Your Entire Flare Network with Accuracy and Efficiency

Ensuring process safety is important across the entirety of your plant or refinery. Within the process safety workflow, the rating, designing and debottlenecking of flare networks are essential to pressure relief analysis (PRA) projects. The Aspen HYSYS® software suite, including Aspen Flare System Analyzer, Aspen HYSYS Dynamics, and the PSV-sizing tool, provides a kit of process safety tools that enable you to produce the optimal flare system design — with greater ease and efficiency —across the complete plant or refinery.


Technology Offers a Path to Manage the Cost of Business

As process industry companies turn to technology to help mitigate risk, this strategy could pay double dividends: reduced insurance premiums and improved margins.

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